So this is the last one….

It’s the bank holiday weekend, and I am sure you are all either nearly sorted with your accommodation, or sorted. I have been putting off this blog for about a week now, because if I do not write the last blog – then it is not the end.


When I first started university in September 2008, three years seemed like ages away! Looking back now……. I have no idea where the time has gone. I have experienced at university so many highs, probably an equal amount of difficult times too, or just unnecessary panicking!  Whether that be about finances, relationships or just deadlines in general!


I was thinking what advice I could give you to make the most of university… so here are my top tips (in no particular order).


  1. You will find some amazing friends, but university will also help you revalue all your old friends, friends both here and at home. There will be some who will ALWAYS be there for you, and there will be some, who you just do not need.
  2. University is what you make of it, if you want to be ‘boring’ and sit in the house, watching TV (with a license!) then that will be it. Use your amazing bunch of friends, and have a laugh, and roll into bed at 3-4am in the morning, and get to lectures for 9!
  3. There will be times where you head hurts, or your sick (pardon the pun) of being sick, but always keep yourself safe. Have fun but be careful.
  4. Boring, but keep up-to-date with your course, university is to have fun, but it also gives us a career too!
  5. Use support if you need it, its hard been away from home sometimes, and sometimes things do not always go right. Use the many support mechanisms in university, and get the support you deserve.
  6. Find love (maybe not freshers love!), freshers love may not always be real, so be hesitant. But university is often place people find their lifelong partners. So find that one person for you, that person who makes you feel incredibly special, and you light up their world.
  7. Fill you room with lots lovely things, stick cards on the wall, photos of both home and university. Therefore you have the best of both worlds, and you can tap into either, whenever you want to!
  8. Keep a record of university, I recently put together a photo album of university, in some ways it’s sad, but in others, I will always have that record, of all those special times.
  9. You only have one life, and therefore make the most of it; university will excel you in terms of job prospects, so thrive in that environment, and achieve your potential!
  10. Most of all, most importantly…. have fun!


So with those stupid ten tips, I finish my last blog.


I have finished university, with a first class honours degree, a new role in the student union for nine months, and I hope leaving to a new career as a registered psychiatric nurse. I have all these ambitions for the future, all those things I hope to achieve. What university taught me the most is life is too short to live in the past or even to some extent in the far future. I know I can achieve what I want, so I take away my degree from Edge Hill. But I take so much than that too!


I wish you all the best at Edge Hill, make the most of everything!


The bestest of best wishes!


Nat x x

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Qualified and the start of Edge Hill for some…


Hey to all!


Today was my last day as student nurse, and as of soon I will be a registered mental nurse Nat! How exiciting!?!


I have just gone through all my blogs today and printed them off as I would like to make a booklet that I can keep, well at least until the ink fades away. But even just briefly looking at it, it shows a realy journey I have been through with both ups and downs, making me the person I am today!


I am going to write a ‘proper’ finishing blog on Sunday, it will probably be a long one, but it will bring at least one chapter of university to an end.


I better call it a night as I am working the open day tomorrow, and meeting many of you that are just starting your Edge Hill journey!


If you are around come at visit us on campus tomorrow, I am hoping the weather holds out.



10am – 3pm


Whether you want to look at accommodation, or speak to tutors or even have a tour of the campus, it will be good to see you there!


Until the weekend,


Nat xx

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A level results

To some of you congratulations is in order today, for others it is probably a really difficult day for your results, and you did not get what you want nor choose Edge Hill as your first choice.

The same goes for accommodation, some of you may have not got your first choices, or not have accommodation at all. My best advice is to stick out the priority waiting list and a lot of you will get accommodation. It is a horrible feeling, but there is a high chance you will get allocated.

For those of you that got your confirmations packs through over the next few days, I am sure you will love the stuff planned for freshers, and it will be a great event!

Sorry this is short and sweet; it has been a hectic time on placement and working in the student union at the same time! I will blog again over the next few days! Natalie x x

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What to gather together for university?

It is summer and now time to start to gather together those essentials for the big move. This is a list from the Student Union, and hopefully will provide a guide to move….


This list will be useful for all of you moving away in September, I used it last year when I moved away, and it eases anyone who worries they are going to forget something by ticking it all off! I can’t think of anything in addition to this list as it is long and detailed, and I hope it helps, print it off, tick it and gather the collection of things to move in about a month. Good luck!! WHAT STUFF TO TAKE TO HALLS


How much to take?No doubt you’ve got a lot of stuff in your bedroom. How much are you going to take with you? Unless you’ve seen the halls you’re going to move into, you won’t know how big the room will be. You can only take as much stuff as will fit in your car! 

What to Take

Firstly, you need to separate what you’re going to take into two categories; What you really need? and what you would like to take? 

What you really need

First you need to find out what your Halls of Residence provides. However, if there is nothing but four walls, a bed, desk and chair, the following list may be a good guide: 


The Basics: 

o Bedding

o 1 or 2 pillows

o Quilt

o 2 sets of bed covers 



o Lots of them

o Take enough to not have to do washing often

o Lots of socks is essential, as they go missing from laundry

o DJ/tuxedo/posh frock and posh shoes for formal dinners

o Party/Clubbing wearo Sports Equipment (football boots etc)

o School Uniform for School Disco 


Wash Stuff

o Toothbrush and toothpaste

o Soap/showergel

o All your makeup/beauty productso Flip Flops 


Kitchen Stuff

o Many sets of cheap cutlery, as they go missing very easily.

o 2 dinner plates and 2 bowls

o 2 mugs

o 2 pint glasses

o 2 saucepans – 1 large and 1 medium/small

o 1 frying pan – preferably non stick

o 1 big oven tray – good for lots of chips

o 1 wooden spoon for stirring

o 1 colander for pasta draining (don’t try using the saucepan lid)

o 1 chopping board

o 1 sharp knife

o Washing up liquid and sponge thing 

TIP: tea towel and oven glove – take these and make sure you keep them safe. Otherwise these will become communal and get ruined really quickly. 

TIP: take 2 packs of those sponge things for washing dishes. They will get messy really quickly, so it’s good to change round often. 


Work Stuff

o Backpack or bag of some sort

o Folders for work

o Well-stocked pencil case

o Remember scissors, holepunch, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, stapler, Pritstick and Blutack, and pins

o Plenty of biros

o Loads of dividers for your folders

o Calculator, even if you’re doing English 

TIP: Keeping all your work organised is the secret of doing well: Make sure you have a folder for each subject. 

TIP: Get the folders at the start of term, and keep it organised from the start. Even if you don’t do any work in the evening to start with, make sure you’ve got all the notes, and in the right order. 

TIP: If you have loads of courses at the same time, have 1 folder that you take to classes with the current work in it for every subject, and 1 (more likely 10) bigger folder(s) at home for each subject that has all the other work in it. This way, your work will be kept neat and uncrumpled, and you won’t have to carry loads of stuff to Uni everyday. As the folder gets full, move some of the old stuff out and into the folders in your room. This way you only have to carry the stuff you need to University. 

Stuff That Would Be Nice To Have


These items include a computer, Hi-Fi, TV, Playstation and other electrical goods. All these things are expensive, and most are heavy and big. Make sure you get insurance for the expensive items. 

1) TV 

It helps fill those boring moments, not that you’ll have many. It also helps to bring people into your room. Check whether you need to buy a license – they cost a lot of money. 


2) Playstation

Fun, but you should have better things to be doing with your time. It’ll get people into your room, especially with good multiplayer games, but then you need a TV as well… 


3) Computer

Most people consider this vital. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros – you can play dvd’s on it as well

Pros – you can play cd’s on it so you don’t need to bring your hi-fi

Pros – you might have internet access

Pros – you might actually need it for work too.

Cons – it’ll take up your entire desk.

Pros- what else do you need your desk for?

Cons – if it’s not a laptop, they’re heavy and difficult to carry up the stairs and will take up all of your car. 

Laptop vs Desktop.

If you’re going to get a laptop, you don’t have to buy the best one there is – as long as it has DVD and a CD writer you should be fine. You can then take the laptop into college and to the library should you need to. 

Tip: If you’re going to get a laptop, make sure you get a security chain to lock it to your radiator to stop it getting stolen, and definitely get it insured. 


4) Hi-Fi

It always good to have some sort of music or radio. If you have a computer you can use this to play CDs. You could also get a radio-alarmclock combo. Hi-Fis are another one of these items that are big and heavy and will take up the a lot of space in your car. If your computer will play CD’s I suggest you do it that way. 

TIP: If your going to use your computer to play your CD’s, why not put all your CD’s on to the computer using something like Windows Media Player, so that your songs are mp3. This means there’s less to carry. 


Other Stuff

The rest of what you take is optional, but here’s a list of things you will probably need.

o Alarm clocko Watcho Radio

o Desk lamp. Get those cheap ones from a well-known Swedish furniture manufacturer that cost about £5.

o Sports equipment – you’ll probably feel the need to start playing loads of sport once you get to university.

o Frisbees are good

o Washing powder

o Bin Bags

o Laundry bag

o Sleeping bag if you’ve got one.

o Towels

o Posters although there will be many poster sales throughout the term where you can buy posters at student friendly prices.

o First Aid Kit – plasters, aspirin, antiseptic cream, cotton woolo Mobile phone and charger – necessity for phoning home.

o Tin Foil – use it to cover grill pans before putting chips etc on. This way the foil catches all the oil, and you don’t have to wash the pan up!

o Umbrella

o Washing Up Liquid

o Camera – record your freshers week and send your photos in to be added to the Website!

o Condoms

o Clothes Hangers  


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Summer Holidays

Kids broke up from school recently, and you all broke up from college to enjoy your summer holiday before you start university! So it made me think what I did with my holidays when I broke up from my A2 year!

 Some people may go abroad and travel, some may work abroad. Some will do nothing! So how are you planning to spend your holiday? Are you jetting off somewhere abroad! I would love to be going off this time of year; it will be August before you know it!

 The summer is also a perfect time to prepare for university, getting shopping for all the essentials (ikea I spent a fortune!!). I will very soon post a essentials list that you should consider purchasing…. as we move closer to Freshers week!

 Not long to go guys!

 Until next time!

 Nat x x

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Graduation Ceremonies


This week has been the graduation ceremonies for all courses, it has been a week of mixed emotions, and when I discussed it with other students I realised it was a normal feeling. I will try and explain.

Firstly, it was a really happy time, it was lovely to see close friends dressed up, pictures on facebook and the university so busy (because recently it has been relatively quiet).

Secondly, I realised that university is over; I now need to grow up, and get on with my ‘proper’ life. Like finding a job, finding somewhere to live, finding out who I am in the ‘real’ world. University has been full of ups and downs (unfortunately) and I have overall had the best experience of my life!

It was lovely seeing everyone in their robes, even security was dressed up in nice smart gear, it was so lovely to see everyone pull together to do such a great job!

It makes me really excited for my graduation in December! Woooo

Until next time

Nat x x

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Qualified into the real world?

Well, this week, lots of things happened to me. I handed in my final assignments on the 20th and I got signed off as a competent nurse!

That means many things, as I start to finish university, start placement and move forward with things. In many ways it is scary that it is the end of university, as it means I start from scratch again. Although I am leaving with new friends, a first class honours degree and a professional qualification!

Soon I will be accountable for my own practice, and that is very exciting. I have been working toward this with many placements, and I feel so glad that I have got this far. One month of placement and then I start my new job full time! Woooo!

So how do you plan to spend your summer?

Take care until next time!

Nat x x

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Well the accommodation application opens TOMORROW (23 June) at midday. Here is some advice on the new system.

  1. Read the instructions, the system is new, so it is important to follow them
  2. All your personal details will already be inserted by UCAS
  3. You need to make five (5) choices so think clearly
  4.  If you have any additional needs, please make sure you go back to the system at express them



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Open Day

Well Saturday was a very successful open day, it was lovely weather, but it was also very busy! I had a lovely day! It was lovely to meet many of you, especially those of you that start here in September.

If you were unable to attend the open day there are more coming up in the summer term. The next one is

Saturday 20 August 2011, 10:00am – 3:00pm

So if you fancy having another look at accommodation, or chat with faculty tutors, then it would be lovely to see you all there!

I am still at placement at the minute, so busy busy busy!!

Take care all

Nat x

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Nursing Finance

Hey Guys, 

Finance – especially nursing finance is something I struggled greatly with before I left college as you were told about all the general finance but never anything relating to nursing, so if this can help any of you please use it to your advantage. This is all done off my own knowledge so it may not match what you have been told, if you have asked a finance person go with what they have said! 


You are entitled to a maintenance loan from the student loans company, this is non-income assessed meaning it there is a set maximum sum. You can apply for less than the sum; however you cannot apply for more than the maximum. This is repayable when you are earning over a set amount. 

Your tuition fees are paid by the NHS 

You are entitled to an income assessed bursary, this means it is based on your household income, you must declare your income and if you are dependent on your parents your parental income, again it is a set sum given to you per month. You do not need to repay this back. 


This is a link to a calculator on the student finance website it is a good tool to try and work out what you are entitled to 

NB: DEGREE STUDENT Remember on this you are applying for a non income assessed loan and you are entitled to a NHS bursary, and it is means tested (that means it is assessed on your parental/your income) 


Hope this helps you all! 

Any questions please ask below 

Take Care…. Love Nat .. x …. x ..

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