The end…

So here we are guys…My final blog.

Let’s start by talking about how much I have LOVED writing this blog, how much I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it and how much I have gotten out of my whole Edge Hill life. So with that in mind, let’s take a trip down a memory timeline…

September 2008 – My Edge Hill life begins with me walking through the doors of John Dalton in the main building and setting up home with my 1st year housemates!

February 2009 – I get a job as a student guide followed by a second job in Waterstones and a third job in the Careers Centre.

June 2009 – My first year at Uni has ended and I move back home for the summer months before starting my second year!

September 2009 – I start by commuting into Uni and my second gets off to a great start with a massive improvement in my grades.

November 2009 – I move back into halls with one of my best mates from year 1 and meet a very good new friend who becomes my lifeline for year 2.

February 2010 – I pop along to Liverpool for a bit of information on applying to camps and walk away with a position in Camp Greentop, Maryland, USA!!!

May 2010 – Boarding a plane in Manchester, I said goodbye to the UK for 13 whole weeks and took up the role of Office Supervisor at camp whilst writing my blog from overseas.

July 2010 – Independence day spent in Washington DC!!!!

September 2010 – Back from the USA and back into Uni I get stuck into my third and final instalment of my Edge Hill life.

December 2010 – Stressful times ensue as my dissertation looms.

May 2010 – Celebrating my final Uni birthday, the end of my time as an SA in halls and the hand in of my dissertation!

And now here we are!! On Monday I begin my final week of work for Edge Hill and on Friday 9th I will sign off on my last time sheet and work my very last shift! It’s been good, bad, hard, easy, emotional, happy, crazy, random and more. Some of the best memories I have are from University and the timeline above just shows how quickly it all goes by. So those of you starting now, make your memories, make your mark and make the most of your time there! Love it as much as I have because I genuinely will shed a tear when I leave Edge Hill on Friday.

‘No next time…Signing off folks…Nay x

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Results week and accommodation…

Hi guys,

Firstly congratualtions to everyone who has been offered a place here at Edge hill and to those who secured a place through Clearing yesterday. I’m told there are still a few places left so if you’re still trying don’t worry.

Secondly, for anyone worrying about accommodation I’m here to tell you not to. I know how frustratiung it is when you live past the 15 mile radius cut off and also how difficult it can be to be refused accommodation despite how far you live from the University. You still have options other than accommodation on campus:

*We reccommend that you join the waiting list for on campus accommodation. Whilst we can’t guarantee everyone on the list will get a room, this really is your best option if you are wanting a room on campus. The accommodation team work their way through the waiting list and will offer you a room should one become available. The best advice I can offer you here is to be open minded about getting any type of accommodation. If the team offer you a room and it’s maybe not the halls you wanted try to remember that it is a room on campus and that you have been lucky to have been offered a room during this difficult period.

*We also reccommend that you come along to one of our Meet and Greet Drop in sessions run by the accommodation team that have been put on to help people try and get accommodation off campus in the surrounding areas andto work out the best plan of action in terms of what to do next. These workshops are really valuable and will give you information on two properties we have secured, one in Liverpool and one in Pontins, for Edge Hill students during the overflow of accommodation requests. The timetable for the meet and greet workshops can be found here.

*Try and be positive and keep an open mind in terms of any accommodation you are offered. I know it’s frustrating when you are not offered your first choice or even accommodation on campus and I understand that Southport and Liverpool may seem far away but many of our students travel from these areas whilst staying at home as the transport links are really,, really good. Many of my classmates and University friends travel in from Southport and find it very and quite cheap to do so. Also Pontins Southport accommodation has may of the same features as halls and even some extras. For example they offer a TV licence included (something you have to pay yourself in halls) and access to their swimming  pool for free. Also, if you are placed in Southport or Liverpool remember that you won’t have to then travel to those areas for a night out.

The main thing to remember is that wherever you are placed and whoever you live with will become your home for the year and by the end of that year you will wonder why you ever wanted to be anywhere else. When people you the best place to live you’ll be shouting from the rooftops about your own place!

So try and think positive, get yourself to a drop in session, come to the open day, speak to staff at the University if you are worried about anything, but stay calm and be patient. We will help you as much as we possibly can but as a recent gradaute who has been through the halls process and the accommodation search the biggest advice I can give you is if you haven’t got a room atthis stage of the game you can’t be picky about what is offered to you from this point onwards because with the rooms being more valuable than golddust I would take anything I can get!!

‘Till next time…Nay

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With an application here and and application there…

I am swimming in job applications at the moment! They seem to be never ending. Every day I search the Job Centre website for more jobs and each evening I sit myself down for a good few hours and go through the whole application process several times. It just goes to show how important applications are as for most employers it will be the deal breaker as to whether you get rejected or get given a place on the coveted short list, possibly even get offered the job straight away depending on their application process.

Usually I get a bit antsy when I’m not up to much but actually I’m kind of enjoying just chilling for a while. Though I must admit seeing all the posts on the forums this year from you newbies about moving in and meeting new people as well as posts on facebook from friends who are a year or two below me about going back to Uni for another year does make me sad that I won’t be going back. Well not for good anyway. That’s the saddest thing about graduation and probably the only negative…knowing that’s it and that you won’t be going back in September for another dose of Fresher’s week followed by some of the best 9 months of your life.

Anyway, not long now and you’ll be swarming through the doors of Edge Hill yourself and not long now until I close the doors on my Edge Hill life. In a few weeks I’ll write my final blog, sign off on my final timesheet for my final shift and only ever go back as someone else who went to Edge Hill University.

‘Till next time…Nay

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Graduation and all things that follow…

And so I find, that as you fresh faced Freshers are preparing to embark on your new big journey, starting in just over 1 months time, I am coming to the end of my own. That’s right…My time at Edge Hill is over. Not quite…I’ll still be blogging for a short while yet and may also be working a few events at the end of summer, however in the bigger picture, once I graduate on Thursday along with the rest of my year, I will officially no longer be an Edge Hill student. I’ll cry later Haha. Following my graduation on Thursday I’ll be celebrating with the family on Friday at my party!

So how are you all doing? Everything sorted? Your parents beginning to freak out a little yet? Haha. Everything will all fall into place over the next few weeks. Whilst you’re getting everything ready I thought I’d give a few hints and tips on how to prepare for uni life:

*Don;t buy everything in the ASDA/Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Morrisons homeware aisle. Maybe buy a few essentials and wait till you get there. After all people in your corridor will share (Hell I went 3 years with no potato peeler but still managed to have mashed potato every week).

*Look for student packs of those useful items such as bed in a bag which usually includes a duvet and a pillow, wash bag kits which usually include some washing must haves and kitchen ware multipacks like the one i got which had a spatula, some ladles and cooking spoons in!

*Think about the crockery you’re going to get. It sounds silly but 3people from the same corridor in my 1st year all came with the same 16 piece set from Asda. No-one knew who’s was who’s. Might not seem like a big deal to start with but you don’t want to be buying new crockery each year!!

*If your short on space in the car for moving in think about the things you can get in town on the day you move in like washing up liquid, laundry powder, hand soap, tea towels, food shopping even! The more you bring with you, the more stressful it is getting it in and unpacking! If you don’t have it before you come just get it when you get there, it’ll save a lot of hassle! Plus Ormskirk is never short on things you need and it’ll give you something to do during your first week whilst also allowing you to explore the town and get to know what’s available to you!

That’s it for now, I’m off for now to get some beauty sleep ready for my photos on Thursday!

‘Till next time…Nay

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Results day…

So today is Monday, it is 12pm and in 48 hours my University degree classification will be released. All the hard work comes down to this. Unfortunately I’ll be out seeing all those lovely prospective students on Wednesday at a UCAS fair, so for that reason I won’t know my results until sometime that evening. Do you think if I leave them longer they’ll get better? Haha.

So, I did my last open day the other week and it felt a little sad really. Seeing all you out there ready to start in September at the same time I was marking the end of my time at Uni brought it all back to me.

Keep up to date with everything you need to, as usual.
‘Till next time…Nay

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Home Sweet Home…

So…I have finished my University life, packed up and moved home. This time though, it’s not just for the weekend, or the week, or even the summer. I am not going back to Edge Hill. That’s it…3 years just gone! WOW!

Next thing on the list is GRADUATION!!! SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED 😀

But for now, I’m focussing on my new job. I have joined PizzaHut and am in training at the moment with the target of being Assistant Manager!!! So I literally walked out of uni and into a job. Worry over haha.

For you guys though, keep your eyes open for dates you need to know. You should by now, know your final choice and have everything in place. If you don’t, speak to your Uni and get all your questions answered. Start looking on the rest of the Hi website for forums and topics being spoken about at the moment because now is the time when all the information you need will be out there!

If you need anything just ask!

‘Till next time…Nay

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Summer is coming…I think?

Well you wouldn’t guess it by the weather would you? But don’t let the predictably unpredictable British weather put you off coming to our Open Day this coming Saturday, the 18th June. That’s right, it’s that time of year again and should you wish to pop along you’ll be able to see everything the University has to offer grab yourself an accommodation tour, be shown the campus in it’s fullest as well as having the opportunity to speak to tutors and other University staff. A great time to get all those questions answered.

Open days really are the best way to get all the information you need about a University especially when it comes to decision making. Is the location right for you? Does the course offer the things you want to get out of a degree? Do you feel like you would feel right there for 3 years? Are the facilities what you want? If you’re going to be living in the University accommodation, is it what you want? All these questions and tons more can be and should be answered by any University you visit. I can’t stress enough the importance of researching your choices and making a decision based on the information you have. Sit and think about what you want to get out of University life. Be realistic. You’re not going to get a single occupancy, self contained flat, in the middle of a city centre with all your own facilities all for under £100 are you? In fact you’d be lucky to get a self contained flat in student location. The majority of student accommodation will have at least a shared kitchen and some will have shared bathrooms if they don’t offer en suite; Think about these things when you’re visiting the University for the first time.

As far as Edge Hill goes, as I said we have our first Open Day this week: SATURDAY 18TH JUNE. Click here to book your place now! If you cant make it to see us on Saturday why not come in August as we have an Open Day then. Book online for that too.

In other news you may have noticed we’ve had a touch of re-branding and with it has arrived a new look website. Check it out here. It looks brilliant even if I do say so myself!!

‘Till next time…Nay

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Lady of Leisure…

So this is my official title now.

The essays? Done

The exams? Finished

My degree? Over

My Uni Life? Coming to an end!

It’s all so sad. But at the same time, we must remember to celebrate the good times we have had with each other! We celebrated in style at the Grad Ball last Friday at Southport Floral Hall. It was a fantastic night filled with fun and laughter and looooooaaaaaaads of dancing. Food was yummy, the company was brilliant and the chocolate fountain was visited MANY times!!!

So odd that the whole thing is coming to an end however on a happier note, I have had a phone interview and a face to face interview for a job opportunity so everyone keep your fingers crossed!!

‘Till next time…Nay

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Last of everything!

So this week is my last week doing uni work, tomorrow is my last hand in for Uni work, and this weekend is my last trip from Uni to home. Then I start my last month of living at Uni!!

It’s slightly different for me, having lived on campus the whole 3 years, so I don’t really know much else. I’ll be sad to leave! But not thinking about that yet.

For now, it’s all about the last piece of uni work for my degree, so back to it!!

‘Till next time…Nay

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The final countdown…

Well with 2 weeks of assessments/exams left it’s all becoming a little bit easier now! And once the 19th May comes and my last assessment is over my degree is done! So strange!

Since I’m living with 1st years this year, we’ve been talking a lot lately. There they all are “Oh it’s so strange, my 1st year has gone so quick”, and there’s me thinking well 3 years have gone even quicker!!

So with that in mind, I’m off to work on my CV, get through a mountainous to do list for the day and then work in the Careers Centre.

‘Till next time…Nay

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