Final Farewell.

Well the time has come for me to leave blogging on the HI website and enter into the big world of working! First of all apologies for the lack of blog’s the past 6 weeks during the stressful time of exam results and clearing for some, but I have had no internet access and been really busy in a job.

Well congratulations to those people who are starting Edge Hill very soon, I hope you love it as much as I did. And for those who had some bad news this year don’t give up hope on getting into Edge Hill because if you ask for feedback and then improve next time around I’m sure you will get in, and it really is the best place to study.

For the fresher’s living off campus this year, well done it’s a scary move at first as you think you will miss out but believe me, you will not miss out on anything and its fantastic to live off campus as then you have a place to study and a place to party/live J. In my first year I lived off campus and loved it and would highly recommend this to anyone similar to me. As I wanted all the experiences of uni, but wanted to live somewhere I didn’t study but somewhere that was close enough to walk as well = Ormskirk centre perfect.

Well anyway make sure you all make the most of your first year and I don’t necessarily mean by partying, I mean by figuring out what your learning style is, getting involved in societies, making new friends, trying out new styles of clothing, finding what you like to do. All these things are so important as it helps you enjoy first year so much more. In addition to all of these things make sure you get some experience, whether its paid or voluntary so put you name down for lots of things during fresher’s week and ENJOY! And good luck, some of you may get home sick, so me of you may drink to much, most of you will get fresher’s flu and most will really through themselves into the whole experience so good luck and hope you all get as much out of Edge Hill as I did.

Now that I have welcomed you all, and wished you all good luck I think the time has come to say goodbye to you all. As for me I am entering the full time working world not for the first time but to be honest I am a little scared, so goodbye from Shell.

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Long time no Blog!

Well Hello out there. Apologies for the shortness of blog’s but I have been unbelievably busy with working on summer schools, graduating, and attending interviews for jobs in the big scary world. So I thought I would write a bit about each of the things that have kept me busy.
So as you all now I have been working on summer schools as a senior advocate and as a regular advocate. For those who are unaware of summer schools check out the Aimhigher website or section on the Edge Hill website. Summer school is an opportunity for young people to experience life at higher education whilst they are still in school, in years 9-12. Now that the explanation is out of the way time to tell you its one of the best jobs I have ever done cos we get to lots of really cool things. For example last week we watched the young people build rockets and launch them. Almost every summer school has a disco, which is FAB! Most of the discos are fancy dress but the last one I was on has by far been the best yet as it was space themed and everyone was in a great spirit and there were two buzz lightyear’s, which made my night. The best part about these events is getting to see the young people really flourish and enjoy their experience.
So the next thing of this last month was graduation! Yes I finally made it through 3 years of hard work and stress, but I am so proud of what I actually managed to put up with during my time studying. The actual ceremony was really formal and I had such a great day with my partner, dad, mum and granddad all there on my big day. Even though you do get stressed in uni with things it is so worth it when you get your cap and gown on and attend the ceremony. Also Edge Hill offers a drinks reception and this is where I discovered I like the taste of Pimm’s and Lemonade mmmmmm. So make sure you work hard when you get here and enjoy the day you graduate.
Well I doubt you want to hear any more about me on this blog so;
To Infinity and Beyond!

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Wow what a scorcher last week!

Wow, what a scorching hot week!

Well unfortunately England didn’t get too far in the world cup so I can imagine a lot of upset and angry people, but not me I was not really into the world cup this time round. Although I did make use of some of the world cup offers on alcohol and food that was in most of the supermarkets, so as a result of that we had a fantastic BBQ on Sunday feeding four of us for a fiver including the purchase of an instant BBQ, absolute bargain!

Well it’s been another busy week for me working on summer schools with Aimhigher and the odd day as a teaching assistant. I say it’s been a lot of work but it has been a lot of fun on the way. Getting to know new advocates and dancing amazingly bad at the discos in the venue. I have to say I think I have been to the venue more in the past two weeks than in my whole three years of my degree course lol.  I think working on summer schools it is safe to say that I am eating, a lot. As on the two days the young people are here, the first day we get a break, a lunch, another break and then an evening meal and then the next day we get a breakie, a break and a lunch. The only down point to getting fed this much is drinking so much orange juice as this is the only cold drink on offer, but at least I am getting my one of my five a day.

Well I have certainly had a great week and been really busy, apart from the fact that  I lost my purse L.Well This time of year is were all of you are getting approved for student finance and looking at accommodation, so good luck with all of that until next week.


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summer party time!

Hello again,

First of all apologies for my long break before blogs but it seems, that when you leave uni you seem to spend more time there, well I do as I am senior for summer schools and am keen work all summer.


So first of all how the hell is everyone? It’s that time of year when the whole of England and Great Britain start going crazy, start wearing well next to nothing, and drink lots of crazy stuff and have a go at BBQ’s. The reason for this strange behaviour is two things really, one its summer and two it’s world cup season, so yay crazy time again.  So I am not following it this year, but I did go to the Asda last night and went down the football isle and actually loved all the things they had, and I found myself buying a bubba keg which is boss. If you don’t know what this is, get down to the Asda and find one J


Well for me I have been teaching first aid to groups of pupils in schools, which is actually so much fun. In addition to that I have actually started working on summer schools which so far is fantastic. This is the second one and my first day as a senior and I am loving the responsibility.


Well enough about me and my busy schedule, but don’t forget you guy’s accommodation applications opened this week so get those done and dusted. Also Edge Hill has an open day on Saturday so I hope to see you all there.


So happy summer and I will be back soon


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Almost Gradtuation yay.

Wow, what another busy week. Well I though seeing as I will be rather busy over summer, that it would be a good idea to have a load of days out all at once, so we have been on the go since Wed I think, in addition to doing work with Aimhigher I managed to fit a lot in. First we went the cinema VIP style that was so fun and I got completely stuffed on nachos and cheese, then we decided to have a board games night and got through about 20 games. Which was when I realised I don’t actually know how to play checkers but our made up rules were just as fun. Saturday saw me working with Aimhigher, in a celebration event, I will talk about a bit later on, and then we went to see Cirque Du Soliel in Liverpool. All I can say about this circus is OMG, I was watching in ore as about 20 people started to walk up metal poles, with no strings and then pose like superman with their legs keeping them up. As you know I love anything to do with circus, but these were fantastic and to make it even better we got half price tickets, and then when we got there we got upgraded for free to the best seats in the house. Sunday we had to go to a family christening which ended with a kids party and some silly dancing, then had friends around for tea. To finish off we had an amazing trip to Alton Towers for the bank holiday, we went by public transport, but the long trip was soo worth it, as I got to go on two new rides, the sonic and thirteen. Well that’s enough about my busy events, but I will tell you about the day I worked with Aimhigher on Saturday.

So it was a celebration day for a year 11 wise up project, and these young people we have been working with over a course of 3 years. The day was meant to be an outdoor sort of carnival, with stalls form other universities, big games, BBQ and graduation photos. But due to typical English weather, made us improvise and have everything indoors, which went boss. So my job was to take and print the graduation photos, and whilst I was taking them I started to think wow, this could be me in a month or so and started to get really excited about my own graduation, I didn’t think I would get this excited, but I really I am, so just have to keep my fingers crossed I get a grade I am proud of. So even though I had to put in a lot of hard work it is well worth it at the end.


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SUnny Days.

Well what a lovely glorious sunny day it was today, so thought we would enjoy the weather instead of moaning about it for a change and me and a friend decided on a day trip. So we saw the sun and immediately started getting ready to go out. We headed to the trainstation and finally decided on Southport which is about an hour from Aintree.

Ok so once we arrived we got off the train and saw the flashy lights of the dreaded arcades, that was it we were drawn in. We thought we would spend all our coppers on the 2p machine, take a chance on the grabbing machines and even managed to tune out to the awful sound of fruit machine music, well for about an hour or so.

With the sun blazing we thought of no better way to enjoy it, than to take a stroll down the pier and have some fish and chips. It was so nice to have no worries and enjoy the British sunny weather with a friend. We finished off our day with a Mr Whippy ice cream and cheesey music on the Ipod.

As we are on the subject of summer it got me thinkning of some the days out I am looking forward to this summer, Cheshire oaks, The Pine woods, the beach, BBQ’s in the parks and Sefton park in Liverpool. All of these are great days out and very cheap to so even better when you’re a student.

That’s all form me now so take care


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Fantastic Ending!

Well the last of my work is in, and all my current job applications have been sent off and voting done in the election, so I thought I would treat a friend and myself to a weekend away in Dublin. This was a great way to end my final year and just to relax a little. We got flights for so cheap to go so that when we got there we could be proper little tourists and see some of Dublin’s sights.

Well with so little time to actually see them all we done a lot on each day, and at the time thought it was a great idea but after recovering today my legs are so sore from all of the walking we did do. We went to an old jail were all the Irish revolutionist were sent for execution, we went on a ghost tour, to a childhood museum, saw umpteen castles and gardens, we visited the wax works museum and even had time to go to the national leprechaun museum. Yes that’s right a museum about so called mini people who dress in green, and guard their precious pots of gold near a rainbow. We managed to fit all this in and more, including tour buses, movies and fancy meals. I had such a great time and think the that when you’re at uni it is important to plan in some ‘me’ time and time to relax and celebrate after all of your three hard working years.

Well as I would love to ramble on about Dublin, thought it would be better to include some pics of what I got up to.Well after several attempts to put pics up I gave up, I will try and put them up as a separate blog so keep those eyes peeled.

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Argh, Deadlines!

Well guys, sorry for no blog last week, but this week you will get two or maybe even three.


Deadlines are looming for most students this time of year, exams, assignments, job applications for Sept for third years and dissertation deadlines. Well it is hard work getting all your work in and even harder when the weather is sunny outside and the last thing you want to do is stay indoors and finish off assignments. Sorry guys you can’t escape doing work whilst you’re at uni its juts got to be done if you want to pass and then enjoy the long long summer months. Yes, Yay, Woohoo, Finito, Oh Yeah, Yeehaa, however I want to put it I can honestly say there is now greater feeling than when all of your assignments deadlines have come and gone and now you have time on your hands to do, well erm anything really.  Actually I have got this horrible feeling that I need to do some more uni work, its quite hard to believe I don’t have anymore unless I enrol in more education but that wont be until at least September.


Well enough about my deadlines, and me this week is a very important deadline for all you applicants, the 5th of May! Now those reading this and thinking what is she on about, that date means nothing to me, well you’re wrong. This date is very important, as this is the date set by UCAS, on which all perspective students have to have made their firm choice confirmed (providing all of their replies are back by 31st March). Now if you are reading this blog there is a good chance that you are on the HI website and are considering Edge Hill that is fantastic. So now all you have to do is make Edge Hill your firm choice and then you will become part of the friendliest university network: D, obviously I am biased but it really is fabulous and very friendly and very welcoming.

So make your choices ASAP and I’ll be back soon,



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Positivity Helps!

Well a great start to the week!

Well after quite a few interviews last week, I am pleased to inform you that I got everything I was interviewed for, which was very hard work. But I know that it was just a very lucky week, i like to think its form my amazing positivity I get things, and I do still need to keep trying for other things.

Well I want to teach so form now I have set myself three aims to improve my application, a bit ambitious but that’s me all over. The first is to learn a language, or as I already have French GCSE I want to be more confident in speaking the language and holding a conversation in French. My second aim is to learn an instrument, well I know I cannot learn everything there is to know about an instrument but hopefully learn a few songs. My third aim is probably the most expensive as it to start to learn to drive. I always think its great to set yourself aims as it gives you some focus and if you have good enough reasons to complete them they will give you a much need boost when comes to applying for jobs and courses.

Today is only a short blog as I am still proof reading the dreaded dissertation; so build up your skills and experience, stay positive and good luck with your application forms.


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interviews, courses and jobs galore.

Well, I forgot to actually post this on Wed, so here it is at the end of the week, better late than never.

This time of year, being in third year I can’t escape the busyness of course applications, interviews for both courses and jobs and the panics of getting everything finished to a high standard.  But its almost come to an end which is a bit weird, as I am still technically a student until July but then I’m looking for jobs so I’m sort of in limbo and a bit unsure f what I should be doing.

Well this week I had my interview for the senior role during Aimhigher summer schools, which went great as I got offered the position yay! I also had a PGCE interview, which was very daunting, and one of my interviewers told me not to get my hopes up, a bit unprofessional I know but did ring to complain about his unprofessionalism. Anyway the place I was interviewed was just like a bigger version of Edge Hill, and Ormskirk, it really felt like home from home to me, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

So to finish this rather hectic week I am having a night out with friends tonight, to Liverpool, which will be great as we all have some rather cool sunglasses that we are going to wear. So enjoy the rest of the week and I will be back soon: D.


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