Busy little bee…zzz

Since I handed my dissertation in and my exams had finished I felt really strange. No more essays to write, no more deadlines, no more revision, (well until September) but a summer to just relax and do absolutely nothing šŸ™‚

Or so I thoughtā€¦ I spent a week at home being lazy, sleeping in relaxing and found it completely BORING!!! So I decided to get in touch with a local politician to see if there was any work experience or writing I could get involved in.

I helped handing out leaflets after the local elections and attended meetings where they discussed local politics and it was very interesting.

Volunteering is a great way to show employers that you have given up your spare time to get involved in something extra alongside your degree and shows a commitment.

I would definitely recommend it to any student!!

Great news..!

This week iI received fantastic news!!

My application to the University of Liverpool was accepted and they have offered me a place to study a Masters starting this September!! I am extremely happy and proud of myself for receiving an offer for a Masters degree and cannot wait to get started.

The course I have chosen to study is a MA in Politics and the Mass Media! The course draws upon myĀ favoriteĀ things from my degree in Criminology. It has a module on human rights, the political economy, the media, international affairs and journalistic practices. I am excited for this new adventure to begin šŸ™‚

IĀ appliedĀ for to study a Masters for the simple reason that IĀ loveĀ to learn. I love to learn new skills and discover new things and they only way forward after my BA was to study an MA and then who knows maybe a PHD šŸ™‚

My future is looking bright I just need to keep up the hard work andĀ hopefullyĀ it will soon pay off!