My name is Melissa Donovan, and I’m in my final year at Edge Hill University. I study Criminology and Criminal justice and have loved my experience at Edge Hill.

Exam time

My final exam is tomorrow morning at 9:30am!

It is an hour and a half exam then my adveture at Edge Hill is officially over YIKES! Where has the time gone? 3 years has gone by so quickly it feels like only yesterday i was lining up to receive my student number and library card.

Revision has been going well so fingers crossed i’m not too nervous tomorrow 🙂 I have been reading lots of books and journals and have pages and pages of notes.

I will post how the exam went tomorrow 🙂



Volunteer Awards 2012

Edge Hill University’s Students’ Union celebrated its first ever Volunteer Awards on Monday! It was a fantastic time for me as it was the day my dissertation was due in so it was lovely to relax in the evening!

The ceremony took place Hale Hall and recognised the achievements of over 100 student volunteers, and the work they have done over the past year to improve relations between students and the local community. I was up for an award for being a student representative for Criminology> I was thrilled to win a certificate recognising my contribution to the university, which was an honour.  

Long time no speak

Hello again!

It has been about two weeks now since my last post but feels like forever I have had a crazy past month lots has been happening. Firstly, last lecture very sad 🙁 however the work was not over still had my dissertation and what a killer that was. Time management is the KEY when writing a 10,000 word dissertation and that certainly isn’t my strong point!

I am always rushing round speaking to 100 people a day around campus and just go with the flow I do try to keep track of my time but it goes so quickly and the deadline for the dissertation was looming so i had to knuckle down!! Of course I got it all finished with time to spare to proof read proof read proof read!!! In the end it was perfect and I was really proud of it : ) and here is the finished product.

Edge Hill University Students Union Volunteer Awards

I received great news this week 🙂

I was recently nominated as a student rep by the Criminology department to receive an award for hard work and dedication. Yesterday I found out I have now been short listed to the final ten students in the running to receive the ‘Student Representative of the Year Award’ I am extremely excited. The award ceremony is on the 23rd of April 2012 which coincidentally the due date for my dissertation, so it will be a nice celebration to spend the evening at the awards. I will be receiving a certificate for being a student rep but to win the award would be an amazing achievement so I am really looking forward to it and I know I will be very nervous on the night. Will let you know how it goes 🙂

Wish me luck 🙂


Tomorrow I have a meeting with careers in the student information building. Meeting with careers will enable me to talk about my careers aspects and goals now that my degree is near enough complete. Although I have applied for a Masters starting in September 2012 at the University of Liverpool I have decided just to speak to careers before I leave Edge Hill for advice regarding volunteering alongside my masters, where my degree can take me, what sort of jobs I can go into etc.

Careers at Edge Hill can be used through out your entire degree for jobs, work placements and help with volunteering and it is really useful if you need help with your CV. I would recommend all students to use the careers centre, the staff are really friendly and are always there to help. I am looking forward to my meeting and will hopefully get lots of ideas and advice regarding volunteering opportunities.


Sunshine :-)

I am writing this post lying in the sun reading for my research methods section for my dissertation it is just bliss! I live close to a place called Otterspool prom in Liverpool right next to the river, it is a beautiful place for dog walkers,  picnics, walks, bike riding and lots of fun things 🙂 I have uploaded pictures onto my twitter so take a look 🙂 who knew studying could be so enjoyable with a little bit of sunshine!!

Final lecture.

9am Friday the 23rd of March 2012, around 60 or so students entered the lecture theatre  B001 of the business school for the very last time, some feeling happy, sad, stressed and anxious. A lot of mixed feelings for those students who embrace education and who don’t want their education at Edge Hill to end. For others today was the closing of one door with another opening to either their career or further education who feel prepared and ready for their next adventure. For me, today has been sad, not only was it my final lecture but also the end to my role as a student rep, role in the criminology and law society and the last time I would be taught at Edge Hill. It has also been exciting as it is now official…… I HAVE COMPLETED A DEGREE……which is such an achievement.

My time at Edge Hill has been the beginning of me. Edge Hill has given me the skills, education and foundation to build a fulfilling and successful career and I am extremely grateful. Some may say it is just a university but for me it has been a community in which i  have taken part in and belonged too. It has not only been a place I have come to learn but also a place to meet like minded people, get involved in extra activities, enhance my skills, take part in trips, societies and take on other roles and responsibilities.

I am sad to say goodbye but also happy to be taking everything away with me into further education. The Criminology department has set up an Alumni group so all the students can keep in touch with each other and keep in touch with the tutors.

I have loved every minute at University and would recommend Edge Hill to anyone.


Student rep meeting….

Just an update on the faculty forum meeting for student reps went great this afternoon….

The faculty of arts and science reps came together to discuss the faculty as a whole and then talked about each individual department. I don’t wish to be biased HOWEVER, the general consensus was that Criminology students were the most satisfied out of all the departments in relation to the course, tutors, assignment feedback and criminology in general 🙂 which is fantastic to everybody involved in the Criminology department.

All issues raised over the past three years of being a course rep have been resolved…so the meeting was a very positive one and a lovely way to end my role.

It is a very exciting role and i wish any futures reps all the luck in the world and i hope they enjoy it as much as i have 🙂

Student Representative!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but i am and have been for three years a student representative for Criminology. The role of a student rep is to be a voice for the students on your course. In first year I introduced myself in the first lecture so everybody knew who I was. Students approach you for all different kins of reasons either, problems with the course, tutors, funding, jobs, or even personal reasons. As a student rep it is your job to be there for students and to help them with any issues or concerns.

Today is my last ever student rep meeting at the Students Union 1-3pm 🙁 I have loved my role as a rep and it has helped me develop my communication skills, meet new people, help others, be involved with Criminology and it is great for my CV. I would encourage anyone coming to Edge Hill to put themselves up as a student rep as it is very rewarding and makes your experience at university that little bit more special.

Take every opportunity at university because the rewards are endless 🙂

Final Lecture..

This Friday is my last ever lecture at Edge Hill University. It is going to be a very emotional day. Over the upcoming weeks I have my dissertation to complete and a 3000 word case study then two exams in May and my degree is DONE.  I have had a wonderful time at Edge Hill and cannot believe how quickly my degree has gone; it is true time really does fly when you are having fun.

The 12th of May is my graduation ball at Aintree Race course which consists of a 3 course meal and drinks tokens. The night is going to be a fantastic way to say good bye to fellow students and a great way to end my degree I am really looking forward to it.

Any advice I would give to any student would be to enjoy every opportunity at university as it is over before you know it!