Long time…no blog….

It has been over four weeks now since I wrote my last blog, in that time my life has been chaotic. Since my final lecture I have been involved in volunteering in local politics and an asylum refuge, moved house, been on holiday, received my dissertation mark back, completed my graduation ceremony details, ordered my cap and gown, applied for jobs and received my start date for my MA in September.

I’ve been super busy but now I am on track I can get back to writing my blogs and getting down all my thoughts J

Firstly I received my dissertation mark back in which I received a 2:1 mark which I was happy with but secretly I was expecting a first haha. However I fully understand the mark I received and why I received it. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of completing my dissertation although it was very stressful it was a good stress and kept me on my toes. I love a good challenge!! During the process though I tied myself up in knots overthinking it and making it more complicated than it had to be.

Overall, I am pleased with the mark as it is a great achievement to have done the research and write your own piece of work and once it is all put together it is a relief handing it in 🙂

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