Busy little bee…zzz

Since I handed my dissertation in and my exams had finished I felt really strange. No more essays to write, no more deadlines, no more revision, (well until September) but a summer to just relax and do absolutely nothing 🙂

Or so I thought… I spent a week at home being lazy, sleeping in relaxing and found it completely BORING!!! So I decided to get in touch with a local politician to see if there was any work experience or writing I could get involved in.

I helped handing out leaflets after the local elections and attended meetings where they discussed local politics and it was very interesting.

Volunteering is a great way to show employers that you have given up your spare time to get involved in something extra alongside your degree and shows a commitment.

I would definitely recommend it to any student!!

Long time…no blog….

It has been over four weeks now since I wrote my last blog, in that time my life has been chaotic. Since my final lecture I have been involved in volunteering in local politics and an asylum refuge, moved house, been on holiday, received my dissertation mark back, completed my graduation ceremony details, ordered my cap and gown, applied for jobs and received my start date for my MA in September.

I’ve been super busy but now I am on track I can get back to writing my blogs and getting down all my thoughts J

Firstly I received my dissertation mark back in which I received a 2:1 mark which I was happy with but secretly I was expecting a first haha. However I fully understand the mark I received and why I received it. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of completing my dissertation although it was very stressful it was a good stress and kept me on my toes. I love a good challenge!! During the process though I tied myself up in knots overthinking it and making it more complicated than it had to be.

Overall, I am pleased with the mark as it is a great achievement to have done the research and write your own piece of work and once it is all put together it is a relief handing it in 🙂

The Olympic Torch!

Yesterday, the Olympic torch made its way to my home city of Liverpool.

I made my way to University square on Brown low Hill where the torch bearer Maggie Hayes a student from the University of Liverpool was waiting. Crowds lined the streets as it made its way through the city. The atmosphere was buzzing, music was being played, people where performing and there were lots of cheers and noise from the crowd. The torch travelling through the city is a great way for the local community to get involved with the buzz of the Olympics.

I made my way to the front of the crowds so I could get a great view of Maggie’s torch being lit I hope you like my picture.


Olympic Torch

Jubilee Weekend

To mark the 60 years of The Queen’s reign, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are taking place this weekend. I am really looking forward to it and i think it is great for our country to come together to celebrate this event.

Queen Elizabeth came to the throne on the 6th February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2 June 1953. She  then celebrated her Silver Jubilee which is 25 years in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee which is 50 years in 2002. It is a huge event for the UK and it can be viewed across the world. Communities all over the country will come together over this bank holiday weekend to celebrate this moment in history.

I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend 🙂

Dissertation marks!

It has now been the four week turn around to get our dissertation marks back. I am going to be very honest i am feeling a little anxious to get mine back..! I put so much time and effort into my dissertation if the mark is not what i am expecting i think i will be a little bit disappointed…! However there is nothing i can do about it now so i am going to collect the mark some time after the bank holiday weekend so wish me luck 🙂


Graduation Ball

Last night was the Graduation Ball at Aintree Race course. It was a lovely evening and a nice way to celebrate the end of my degree and time at Edge Hill.

The ball consisted of a 3 course meal which was beautiful. Everybody was dressed in long beautiful ball gowns and the men in suits. I had a lovely time with friends and my boyfriend Chris who seemed to really enjoy it as well. There was a disco and a DJ and a lovely view of the course.

I will post some pictures so you can see  🙂


Essay results

Today I picked up all my essays from University 🙁 Very sad to think I will not be writing any more essays for my course at Edge Hill!

It was nice to see my tutors and say good bye to them because the next time I will see them will be at my graduation on July 17th. Looking forward to my graduation day and seeing everyone all dressed up in their cap and gowns, it should be a lovely day.

This week I am going to register for graduation and order my cap and gown…excited 🙂


Last day at the students union

Today is my very last day working at the students union at Edge Hill University 🙁

Working at the students union this year has been a great pleasure, I’ve met some lovely people and interacted with students from every faculty across the university. The year has gone by so quickly and I have really enjoyed it. I have learned valuable skills and developed my customer service and organisational skills.

Working at University is a great way to meet new people and looks great on your CV. I will miss the team at the students union and wish them all the luck in the world for the future 🙂

Thanks to the SU x

Great news..!

This week iI received fantastic news!!

My application to the University of Liverpool was accepted and they have offered me a place to study a Masters starting this September!! I am extremely happy and proud of myself for receiving an offer for a Masters degree and cannot wait to get started.

The course I have chosen to study is a MA in Politics and the Mass Media! The course draws upon my favorite things from my degree in Criminology. It has a module on human rights, the political economy, the media, international affairs and journalistic practices. I am excited for this new adventure to begin 🙂

I applied for to study a Masters for the simple reason that I love to learn. I love to learn new skills and discover new things and they only way forward after my BA was to study an MA and then who knows maybe a PHD 🙂

My future is looking bright I just need to keep up the hard work and hopefully it will soon pay off!