Don’t Be A Stranger

So as the uni year draws to a close for more and more students at Edge Hill, what’s going to happen now? Is the university closing its doors, battening down the hatches and generally going into hibernation? NO! Of course it’s not, Edge Hill is still very much alive with activity, and you might want to come and experience it.

Whatever stage you’re in for applying to university, still come and have a look. If you’re unsure where you want to go to study, then there’s really nothing like a visit to inform you. Not only do you get more information on your course, but also you’ll get a flavour of the campus and Ormskirk. When I was applying, I even came here after making my choices with UCAS, partly because I liked the place so much but also to familiarise myself with it a bit more. Here’s a link to the open day page on the Edge Hill website with dates and booking information

There are other reasons to come and visit too, such as going to the Rose Theatre, Edge Hill’s on-campus theatre. This is a great way to get the Edge Hill experience without being on an open day, you’ll get to see the campus and test out some of the facilities, all while being entertained. Can’t be bad, right? I’ve got my eye on an upcoming production by Edge Hill students called Wonderland: The Trials of Alice which is on the 25th and 26th of this month. It’s completely open to the public, as the Short Cuts cinema is too, so don’t be shy! Come down and have a good time 🙂 Here’s a link to the Rose Theatre website for more details and opportunities to see something amazing

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure that after you visit you come back soon!

Is It My Birthday?

No it isn’t, but that hasn’t stopped Edge Hill giving me (well, less solipsistically, all Edge Hill students) another great gift. Media students have been able to team up with the university’s ever pro-active and approachable Student’s Union to form a production company going by the name of ‘Edge House Productions’.

This is a brilliant opportunity that any screenwriters will have coming to Edge Hill (don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get published if scripts aren’t your thing!). It’s a great opportunity for budding media students too. In fact, it’s awesome whatever course you’re doing. After all, it’s not every university that can boast the ability to nurture so much talent across the show-business spectrum and produce great things ( also the on-campus Rose Theatre is proud of its work with students

I’ll certainly be taking advantage, probably send them a short film. The only question now is what will you do when you come to Edge Hill?

It’s Official!

Yep that’s right, I now prefer Ormskirk to my native hometown. I’ve been talking a bit lately about the importance of the location of your university because most students will be living away from home for the duration of their higher education. As I was on my ‘Easter break’ (see my earlier post for why this is something of a misnomer) back in Morecambe, I genuinely really missed Ormskirk.

A big part of it is the social side. It’s a bit of a cliche, but the friends you’ll make at uni really are friends for life, and it was tough to be away from them after living in a house together. But I also missed the town itself, its convenience of shopping, its great pubs and, of course, my ‘home away from home’ on the mostly student populated Wigan Road.

The only criticism I have of Ormskirk, really, is that it’s lacking shops for young people, HMV, Primark etc, but Liverpool is only half an hour away on the train, and that has everything you could want in a city and more. It’s easy to make comparisons to what you know, but looking at it objectively, Edge Hill really couldn’t be anywhere better. Everything you need and plenty of what you want right on your doorstep, and then even more on top of that just a stone’s throw away. I can’t believe I ever missed Morecambe!

Here’s a wee site I found that tells you more about what’s going on in Ormskirk Music events, comedy and more are on it, including updates from Edge Hill’s very own Rose Theatre (both film and performing arts), so you can never say you’re bored around here! On a further note about the Rose Theatre, you can find it on facebook (as with everything these days!) or check out the site

I’m spoilt rotten, that’s why I love Edge Hill!

Film Festivitites

 Last Wednesday saw the 49th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival come to the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill. I can’t pretend that I understood all of the films, some of them being quite obscure and ‘arty’, but that didn’t stop me from having a really good time. The night opened with a film (called ‘Nulepsy’ if I remember correctly) featuring a naked old man on a skateboard and ended with a Chinese animation that… how do I put this? Let’s just say a frog with a human face was singing pop music (‘Hand Soap’). So the festival certainly wasn’t lacking any variety, and also some rather trippy visuals!

The story of getting the festival to the university is interesting in itself. One man’s vision to share the festival with a UK audience has taken four years, and certain changes of employer, to be realized. Better late than never, I say! The good news is that he hopes to carry on supporting the festival, and even wants to see an Edge Hill student win one of the prizes some day. I think that’s a fantastic idea and I’ll certainly want to pop into the Rose Theatre, even when I’m no longer a student, to watch.

If you want to know any more about the film festival itself, click on this link:

If you want to know more about the Rose Theatre on Edge Hill’s campus, take a look at this: That’ll tell you more about the types of thing you’ll be able to enjoy when you come here. They’ve also got a facebook page, so ‘like’ that and you’ll automatically get updates.

Visiting Writer!

Just a quick note to let you know Alison MacLeod is visiting us this Thursday (the 1st of December) at the Rose Theatre! It’s one of the compulsory readings us Creative Writing students have to attend, but it’s by no means exclusive to us!

If you like literature, these readings give you the chance to hear the authors perform their own work, and there’s usually a questions and answers session at the end, which are not only interesting but useful, sometimes, for developing your craft.

Here’s a link to the Rose Theatre page for more info on Alison: While you’re there you can check out what else is coming up at our on-campus entertainment factory. Tickets are £4, by the way, and it begins at 1930hrs, so don’t be late!