Bricks and Mortar

I was looking at the Edge Hill website the other day, and noticed the accommodation page(, and it took me back to my first year when I lived on campus. I lived in EM Butterworth (one of the halls at the back of the uni) and I didn’t know I had it so good! The rooms are £56 p.w. with utility bills, that’s your internet, electricity, gas and water all sorted.

Don’t get me wrong though, living off campus is good too. I’ve lived on Wigan Road the past two years, but when I’ve been house-hunting I’ve seen really nice properties all over Ormskirk, we’re really spoiled for choice here. It’s not hugely expensive living off campus, but you’d be lucky to find somewhere as cheap as the back halls even without utilities included.

As always with uni, though, it’s not about the money you pay, it’s the experience you get. I came to Edge Hill not knowing anyone here, and living on campus was a fantastic way to meet loads of people, keep my finger on the pulse of campus activity and, if I’m honest, be really close to lectures and the uni bar! Now that I’m out of halls I’m still getting a lot of life experience (dealing with bills, keeping the house clean etc) and, fortunately, sharing that experience with four great friends who I’ll keep in touch with for the rest of my life, most of them I met in EM Butterworth in the first year.