Impending Va-Va-Voom

It has certainly been a tense time across Britain and the rest of the world lately, with sports fans eagerly checking the latest results from the Olympic Games. A new kind of eagerness for results is creeping up on us though, as it is now less than a fortnight until A-Level results come out, and many young folks find out whether they have enough UCAS points to get into their chosen universities.

When I was choosing where to go, I did let UCAS points have a certain say in it. I’m sure teachers at most schools will have recommended confirming the university you most want to go to and a ‘safety choice’ with a lower UCAS point requirement, just in case you don’t get the grades you’re hoping for. I was really lucky with Edge Hill in the sense that its requirements for entry onto the English and Creative Writing course were really very modest, considering the level of further education they were offering. The course itself is full of tutors all contributing to their field enthusiastically (rather than just reading someone else’s book) and always going the extra mile for any student who needs help in any way, so the low point-requirement was a dream come true.

Results day was amazing for me. I managed to do a little better than I needed to get onto the course and was therefore in the position to go to either Edge Hill or my second choice. I’m not going to lie, my second choice (at the time) had one advantage in the form of a bursary that I would have been eligible for but, to be honest, Edge Hill was so much better that I was actually happy to say no to a few beer tokens (yes, I actually did, it’s here in writing now!) for a university that has really given me a priceless and unforgettable experience that has seen me enjoy a fantastic course with great tutors, make awesome friends and also live an independent life with a great mix of studying and partying.

Well, it’s about time for me to wrap this up. I know results aren’t out for a little while yet, but my advice is not to worry about them (though it’s easier said than done, I know!). What’s done is done, and stressing over them won’t change anything. I hope you’ve enjoyed your respective courses though, and please take it from me that even better times are just around the corner at Edge Hill. On a note about bursaries and scholarships, here’s a link to the Edge Hill finance page, which has links to bursaries, scholarships, fees etc: Before you come here, do check and see if you are able to get any extra financial support. Some support is available for certain disabilities, but also for special achievements in certain fields, so you owe it to yourself!

Peace out.


That’s my exams over for January (one more to look forward to at the end of the year)! All assignments in too.

This is a very rare and weird period. There’s no pressure for me to do anything for a while now, but this time of life is about seizing the moment! On with my 10 minute short film (that will hopefully be produced by the Edge Hill media second year students), on with reading books for literature and on with the rest of the show!

The fun literally doesn’t stop 🙂

Merry Exam-mas

Well that’s all my assignments handed in for before Christmas! It’s been quite a slog, I can tell you, but I’m happy with ’em all and looking forward to a bit of down time with the family and all that. I’ve got a couple of exams in Jannuary though, so I’ve got to make sure I don’t party too hearty!

The amount of exams you have at uni depends on what modules you choose. So the first year you know how many you have (I think I had two), then when you choose your modules in the second and third years you are effectively able to reduce how many you have. I don’t know anyone who likes exams, I hate ’em personally, but then I sometimes feel guilty saying I’ve hardly got any when my friends are struggling through theirs!

Well, my exams are in English in Contact (a language module) and Make it New (a literature module). They’re worth a lot more than usual, because in my third year we get fewer big assignments (as opposed to a a bigger number of smaller ones), so no pressure!

Wish me luck 🙂