Memories Are Made Of This – Part 1

I’ve been to the English office recently to get some assignments back (which Edge Hill is actually really good for, all feedback is usually well within four weeks so you don’t spend too much time fretting over the mark!) and reading back over the work and looking at the comments made me think back over the years. All this thinking (it doesn’t happen too often, I can assure you) led me to think a collection of ‘favourite moments’ would be a good theme for a series of these posts, giving you, dear reader, a look into the Edge Hill experience.

For English Literature, it’s very tough to pick out a favourite moment because there are so many to choose from. Even though it’s one of the smallest parts of my degree (a quarter of the credits in the ‘English and Creative Writing’ degree), it has covered a massive range, from the ‘birth’ of the novel, Shakespeare, the Romantics, the Modernists and, in the first year, we studied a modern novel too. That’s a time span of centuries, and this broad view of literary culture has really been inspiring. I think spending a whole year on one movement (namely Modernism) has been brilliant, because I have formed a really in-depth understanding of it, rather than a less developed sense. Of course, when applying to Edge Hill, there are many different options and combinations of degrees to suit your taste, so make sure you research and consider your options thoroughly.

Overall I think my favourite moment has been the completion of a long essay on the concept of Modernism. This was the last Literature assignment, and the longest one of all three years (2,500 words, give or take the customary ten per cent). The work put into that really showcased how much I’d learned throughout the year, drawing on knowledge that had been growing every lecture and seminar. It was also a pleasure to write the essay with all the support I got from the tutors. They not only did a great job getting me to learn about the topic in the first place, but also made sure I was ‘on the right tracks’ with regards to the essay. In-depth notes were available to everyone online via Edge Hill’s ‘Learning Edge’ system to give advice on how to tackle the beast, which worked really well when coupled with face-to-face time in seminars to discuss any issues.

I bet you think I’m joking, but I miss doing those essays! Edge Hill really does nurture your passion for your subject, and I hope that my upcoming ‘memories’ posts will stimulate you too.

More Newness!

One of the most exciting parts of this time of year is the starting of new things. I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions (you’re a bit late if you haven’t already started them!). No, I’m talking about new modules. I have three new’uns this semester: Beyond English as my language module (analysing the aspects of languages across the globe) along with two new Creative Writing ones. There’s a poetry module, which is all well and good, but even more interesting than that is the ‘Writers’ Workshop’.

Due to the way my course breaks down (being half Creative writing, quarter Language and quarter Literature), I don’t get chance to do a dissertation. To some people, that could be a blessing, though I would like to try my hand. Instead of this, however, in Writers’ Workshop I get to do an extended piece. I’ve chosen to do an hour-long script, which is an awesome opportunity to hone my skills and will also give me something I can give to future employers so they can get a flavour of what my writing is like.

The times they are a changin’, and I love it!

Hello Edge Hill!

Hi and welcome to all!

Whatever brings you to this page – thinking about higher education in general, thinking about coming to Edge Hill or even if you’re already here – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Just to let you know, I’m in my third year doing English and Creative Writing at Edge Hill, so I’m not going to be short of things to talk about!

Hope to see you soon folks,