Memories Are Made Of This – Part 5

If anyone read my last post, talking about the start of the Premier League season and A-Level results day, I sure hope you had much better results than Liverpool against West Brom! Feel free to comment, let me know how well you did 🙂

Anyways, on with the show! Today I’ll be looking into one of the most intrinsically interesting bits of the English and Creative Writing course at Edge Hill. The ‘Creative Writing’ part is self-explanatory, but the ‘English’ bit is made up of Literature (already covered in one of my earlier posts) and Language, which is today’s feast for the mind. The diagram, which I hope you’re curious about, shows the parts of human head that are used to produce speech.

Overall, the Language part of the degree is as well structured as the Eiffel Tower. When you start off at the bottom, the focus is fairly wide. In the first year I was looking at an introduction to the history of the English language one semester and linguistics the next. The second year saw a development of the history side of things, but introduces modules that you are free to choose yourself (I chose an introduction to sociolinguistics, combining my interest in linguistics with social theory. Hard work, yeah, but it really brought home that linguistics is an impressive science that we can see at work in everyday life). The third year had even more freedom as there were no compulsory modules so, according to my Eiffel Tower analogy, you can taper it to whatever end you want. My only regret is that i couldn’t do everything!

The whole point of my ‘memories’ series of blogs is to look back at best bits. So then, what exactly are the best bits now that I’ve outlined the overall goodness of the course? It’s another genuinely tough question… Could it be the discovery of how changeable our linguistic behaviour is in different social situations (for example, do you speak to your best friends in the same way as you would to your grandparents? Do you swear more in some circles of interaction than others? Well, you’ll find out so much about things like this that you probably hadn’t even thought of before)? Could it be the module called ‘Beyond English’ that shows how English has influenced the rest of the world, and how different languages can be from each other on every level?

You know what, I know it’s a cop-out but I can’t pick out one moment over another. There really is something for everyone; historians, scientists, sociologists and even more can find modules that will interest them, expand their knowledge and improve their employability when they graduate. I think the best bit has been the whole experience, especially working with the most passionate tutors you could ever wish for (including someone who had a big part to play in a recent popular film francise. If you ever have the pleasure of a class with Prof. Anthony Grant, ask him to tell you more, though you may have to wait until the third year before he spills the beans!).

Though it may sound odd, I hope that after you come to Edge Hill, and have a fantastic experience like I have, you have as much trouble picking out a favourite moment. The thing is, when the university is so brilliant overall it is a positive – rather than a negative – that it’s difficult to pick a stand-alone moment. I hope you’re looking forward to having an awesome three years here soon.

More Newness!

One of the most exciting parts of this time of year is the starting of new things. I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions (you’re a bit late if you haven’t already started them!). No, I’m talking about new modules. I have three new’uns this semester: Beyond English as my language module (analysing the aspects of languages across the globe) along with two new Creative Writing ones. There’s a poetry module, which is all well and good, but even more interesting than that is the ‘Writers’ Workshop’.

Due to the way my course breaks down (being half Creative writing, quarter Language and quarter Literature), I don’t get chance to do a dissertation. To some people, that could be a blessing, though I would like to try my hand. Instead of this, however, in Writers’ Workshop I get to do an extended piece. I’ve chosen to do an hour-long script, which is an awesome opportunity to hone my skills and will also give me something I can give to future employers so they can get a flavour of what my writing is like.

The times they are a changin’, and I love it!

Hello Edge Hill!

Hi and welcome to all!

Whatever brings you to this page – thinking about higher education in general, thinking about coming to Edge Hill or even if you’re already here – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Just to let you know, I’m in my third year doing English and Creative Writing at Edge Hill, so I’m not going to be short of things to talk about!

Hope to see you soon folks,