Better than a Hammock

I had my last ever assessment for my degree last Friday. An exam for ‘Beyond English’, where I wrote an essay on semantics, was my finale to three years’ worth of work, and I think it went okay. This isn’t a post about what I’m up to, though, I’d actually like to tell you a story about the build up to this exam, and how it shows the level of support given to each and every student at Edge Hill.

It was Thursday, the day before my exam, and I was at home busy revising when I got a call on my mobile. I wasn’t expecting a call, but when I picked it up it was someone from the Edge Hill offices, telling me that the room for the exam had changed. I hear sometimes from my friends at other universities how bad they are at communication with their students, and I think that’s a real shame. At Edge Hill, the tutors are all really confident about using the online learning tools (namely ‘Learning Edge’, which you’ll become well acquainted with upon arrival!) and tell you about upcoming changes and the like as soon as possible. In this case, with the change happening so soon, they actually took the time to ring around all the affected students so that they’d be made aware.

That to me indicates a fantastic level of support. I’d say it was even better than a hammock!