Wowza, just seen a brand spanking new video that uncannily manages to capture the spirit of Edge Hill (here’s the link: It’s set to the music of Kyla La Grange, who I’ve never listened to before, but the tune is fitting because of its energetic and euphoric vibe.

Sometimes I watch universities’ adverts on TV and I’m not going to mention any names, but some of them are quite austere and cold. It’s not that they have too much information to process or anything like that, they just don’t really inspire you. I can honestly say that after three years at Edge Hill, this video is a very good representation of my feelings about my time there: exciting, friendly and very well supported.

The first things you see are all the top Edge Hill campus landmarks (and there are plenty to choose from considering the campus covers 160 acres), including impressive lecture theatres, the main building (which is just one of many to have nice sculptures outside) and the recently opened HUB building (complete with lots of seating, big screen areas and food outlets serving plenty of tasty grub). The video also highlights the university’s well-recognized commitment to sports (those studying and just generally taking part) and performing arts, along with the amazingly well kitted-out environment that includes a great library, plenty of study areas to suit your style of learning and, when you need a break, plenty of opportunities to socialize and relax.

The best days of my life started when I came to Edge Hill and I’m sure that you too will enjoy every minute of your time here.

It’s Like a Heatwave!

Right now there’s only one word on everyone’s lips, and that’s ‘sunshine’! I’ve touched on some of the good things about Ormskirk before – the beer gardens and whatnot. The day today has just emphasised how fun the market town really is, for me, and I want to tell you about the things you can do when you come to study at Edge Hill (I can’t promise it’s all very mature though!).

So me and some of my friends were originally planning to go to Park Pool, a gym and pool located in Coronation Park. We went there mid-afternoon in the fantastic weather and most of Ormskirk seemed to be there sunbathing, having a kick-around and slurping on an ice-cream. It was thriving, but not packed like sardines in a can, and if we hadn’t been going swimming I’d have loved to lounge around on the grass for the afternoon. Unfortunately the pool closed at 3 pm on Sundays, but guess who came to our rescue?

Edge Hill, of course! Their Sunday pool sessions currently run from 4-5.30 pm, meaning that, after stocking up on water guns in B&M Bargains, we were raring to go (only cost those of us without a membership a pound, cheap at twice the price! There are memberships currently available at Edge Hill’s Sporting Edge that allow free use of the pool though).

So we went there, having a little waterfight along the way, and had a great time at the pool as well. It was lovely to cool down in the water, a fun way to spend time with friends and meet new people but also a fantastic way to stay in shape. I apologise for the ‘diary-style’ post today, but I hope you see why I wanted to share with you the best day of summer 2012 so far!

Building Up Momentum

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m bragging, but I’ve just been published. If you think I’m happy you’re right 🙂 One of Edge Hill’s many publications is a magazine devoted to poetry and photography called Question Mark. After writing a collection of four poems for my Experimental Writing module, the tutor suggested that people submit them to the magazine and that, fortunately, has just paid off.

To me, this is Edge Hill’s commitment to students summarised very neatly. They care about giving you opportunities, they care about developing your transferable skills and, above all, they care about getting you a job at the end of your course. Through doing my course, where I’ve learned so much about creative writing, and being given an opportunity to be published, I can now put on my CV that my work has appeared in a respected magazine. It really couldn’t be any easier and rewarding!

If you think that’s it though, think again! There’s a crime fiction competition that the uni holds in memory of a great tutor, who I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Jo Powell who passed away last year. I’ve recently submitted a story to this competition, and am awaiting the results eagerly. I just can’t stress enough how supported I feel, the amount of options and opportunities I’m getting and taking advantage of, it really is fantastic. I’m so pleased that I’m building up momentum towards my dreams, and because I went to Edge Hill I’m sure that will continue.

Hello Edge Hill!

Hi and welcome to all!

Whatever brings you to this page – thinking about higher education in general, thinking about coming to Edge Hill or even if you’re already here – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Just to let you know, I’m in my third year doing English and Creative Writing at Edge Hill, so I’m not going to be short of things to talk about!

Hope to see you soon folks,