It’s Like a Heatwave!

Right now there’s only one word on everyone’s lips, and that’s ‘sunshine’! I’ve touched on some of the good things about Ormskirk before – the beer gardens and whatnot. The day today has just emphasised how fun the market town really is, for me, and I want to tell you about the things you can do when you come to study at Edge Hill (I can’t promise it’s all very mature though!).

So me and some of my friends were originally planning to go to Park Pool, a gym and pool located in Coronation Park. We went there mid-afternoon in the fantastic weather and most of Ormskirk seemed to be there sunbathing, having a kick-around and slurping on an ice-cream. It was thriving, but not packed like sardines in a can, and if we hadn’t been going swimming I’d have loved to lounge around on the grass for the afternoon. Unfortunately the pool closed at 3 pm on Sundays, but guess who came to our rescue?

Edge Hill, of course! Their Sunday pool sessions currently run from 4-5.30 pm, meaning that, after stocking up on water guns in B&M Bargains, we were raring to go (only cost those of us without a membership a pound, cheap at twice the price! There are memberships currently available at Edge Hill’s Sporting Edge that allow free use of the pool though).

So we went there, having a little waterfight along the way, and had a great time at the pool as well. It was lovely to cool down in the water, a fun way to spend time with friends and meet new people but also a fantastic way to stay in shape. I apologise for the ‘diary-style’ post today,┬ábut I hope you see why I wanted to share with you the best day of summer 2012 so far!

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