Building Up Momentum

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m bragging, but I’ve just been published. If you think I’m happy you’re right 🙂 One of Edge Hill’s many publications is a magazine devoted to poetry and photography called Question Mark. After writing a collection of four poems for my Experimental Writing module, the tutor suggested that people submit them to the magazine and that, fortunately, has just paid off.

To me, this is Edge Hill’s commitment to students summarised very neatly. They care about giving you opportunities, they care about developing your transferable skills and, above all, they care about getting you a job at the end of your course. Through doing my course, where I’ve learned so much about creative writing, and being given an opportunity to be published, I can now put on my CV that my work has appeared in a respected magazine. It really couldn’t be any easier and rewarding!

If you think that’s it though, think again! There’s a crime fiction competition that the uni holds in memory of a great tutor, who I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Jo Powell who passed away last year. I’ve recently submitted a story to this competition, and am awaiting the results eagerly. I just can’t stress enough how supported I feel, the amount of options and opportunities I’m getting and taking advantage of, it really is fantastic. I’m so pleased that I’m building up momentum towards my dreams, and because I went to Edge Hill I’m sure that will continue.

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