Looking Forward

Well folks, unless you’re on a gap year or currently out of education then it’s the Easter break! There’s a bit of a difference between the holidays I used to have back in the old days of secondary school, namely that there’s more work to do when you’re at uni. Hey, this isn’t a moan though. This is what us students sign up for, though, and since I’m in my final year I’m enjoying this final push before graduation.

There’s still plenty of work to do with my creative writing: I’m ploughing on with my long script, my collection of poems and have to figure out my poetics. For literature I have a pretty long essay to do on the nature of the Modernist period. The subject I have most of a ‘holiday’ in is language, because I don’t have any more assignments, just an exam.

This is just to give you guys an idea of the responsibilities that you have when you’re a student. That’s not to say that now the beer garden weather is here I’ll be stuck inside working all the time. Far from it, given all the places to go to in Ormskirk!

Things at Edge Hill at the moment are great, the course is getting more and more enjoyable as the end draws ever nearer and, even though it’s the break, I’m still very much looking forward to getting stuck in 🙂

Just One of Many

In this post, I’m going to be talking a bit more about some of the sports and activities facilities and what they do around campus at Edge Hill. It’s following on from my post ‘Plan of Action’ (http://blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/martin/2012/03/04/plan-of-action/), so you might want to check that out if you haven’t already.

This is a true story about my first year at Edge Hill, and it’s one I think people should know because it can be quite a daunting thing for some people, coming to a big ol’ university from a familiar environment. It started, as a great many new experiences will for you, with the Fresher’s Fair when a representative from Sporting Edge (that’s the sports centre on campus) handed out some fliers. In amongst the list of prices and classes was a bunch of tokens for free trial lessons of yoga, pilates and the like.

I thought of myself as more of a gym or badminton person, and at first turned my nose up at doing pilates. It was only when one of my new mates from halls asked if I’d go along with him that I gave it a chance, but I’m so glad I did. The experience of the class was great, it was really well run and they were supportive of beginners, but for me the main thing was that I was getting out there, meeting new people and not sitting around in my room like a hermit.

I checked out the fresher’s fair this year, held in the new HUB building, and Sporting Edge were still handing out their freebies, so hopefully they carry on doing it when you arrive. So I guess the point of this post, now I’m reaching the end of it, is to reinforce just how many chances you are given at Edge Hill to get out there, have a blast, socialise and learn new things. Pilates is just one of many opportunities…

The Big Buzz

When you come to uni, there’s one thing you’ll realise very quickly; your campus lives and breathes with student activity. Often you’ll walk through your gates and you’ll be hit with a buzz, a palpable electricity in the air, permeating clothes and touching skin.

Election time around Edge Hill is unrivalled for the atmosphere it creates. There are posters everywhere, representatives organizing and hosting awareness events (the new HUB building is a great space for this, pretty much everyone’s passing through a few times a week) and sometimes free lollies (who said bribery doesn’t work 😉 )!

The real point of blogging about the elections for those thinking about coming to Edge Hill is to get you thinking about the opportunities you will get here. Have you got aspirations to be a team leader, events manager, even politician? Well then uni-level politics is a great place to start. When you come to writing a CV, employers will snap you up because you’ve shown good communication skills with your team/potential voters, worked as part of a team, shown leadership skills and so much more.

And hey, maybe you’re more like me and would prefer not to be in the spotlight? Well, any student here can take part in the elections. Not only do you get the chance to change the university for yourselves and others, but you also get the chance to develop your own skills, views and awareness.

If that doesn’t get you buzzing, nothing will!

Plan of Action

I’m starting to think that I should have jumped on the ol’ ‘New Year’s resolution’ bandwagon when the time came around… I must admit that the takeaways around Ormskirk (Domino’s in particular) have started taking their toll 🙁

But no, this is not a mopey and egocentric post! I’d never do that to you, dear reader. Instead it is a post telling you what I hope to do to help, and also what you can do to keep fit when you come to Edge Hill.

I go to badminton twice a week which is good fun, but perhaps not enough to lose some of this weight. There are so many sports societies out there: football, rugby, handball and basketball to name a handful, certainly something to interest everyone. Aside from the competetive sports, though, Edge Hill has plenty more options to get us students off our bums. You’ll probably know that there’s a centre on campus, called Sporting Edge (check out the website for more info http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/edgehillsport/), with multi-courts for football, badminton and squash etc and a well kitted out gym, but did you know we have a swimming pool too? Oh yes we do!

So you now you know, when you come to Edge Hill you have no excuse to sit around vegging all the time, sports students or not. The takeaway part, well, that’s up to you!