I Spy With My Little Eye…

A new sculpture on campus (sorry, this was supposed to be posted last Wednesday, but apparently my new phone doesn’t like my laptop so I can’t upload a picture of what I’m talking about)! It’s outside the library, so if you’re on an open day you can see it there (sorry!).

I know that might not seem all that newsworthy, especially compared to the building of The HUB, but I think it’s important. For a lot of students, coming to uni means staying away from home for long periods of time. We have folk coming here from all over the country and beyond, and it’s easy to miss home, friends and family. But, apart from being in the nice town of Ormskirk and near the great cities of Liverpool and Manchester, the campus itself at Edge Hill does its best to keep vibrant. After all, it’s one of the main reasons why I chose Edge Hill over some of the other places offering the degree I wanted

This is something not a lot of other universities have thought about, and it means that some students are having to spend time not just away from the familiar, but in a dull and, sometimes, depressing environment (I won’t name any universities in particular…). When you come to Edge Hill, though, it’s so easy to feel at home. If you haven’t heard that we have a lake on site, then you really haven’t researched your uni very well! But yeah, the lake, the ducks, the sculptures and the greenery all make the campus a place you actually want to be, even over home!

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