Merry Exam-mas

Well that’s all my assignments handed in for before Christmas! It’s been quite a slog, I can tell you, but I’m happy with ’em all and looking forward to a bit of down time with the family and all that. I’ve got a couple of exams in Jannuary though, so I’ve got to make sure I don’t party too hearty!

The amount of exams you have at uni depends on what modules you choose. So the first year you know how many you have (I think I had two), then when you choose your modules in the second and third years you are effectively able to reduce how many you have. I don’t know anyone who likes exams, I hate ’em personally, but then I sometimes feel guilty saying I’ve hardly got any when my friends are struggling through theirs!

Well, my exams are in English in Contact (a language module) and Make it New (a literature module). They’re worth a lot more than usual, because in my third year we get fewer big assignments (as opposed to a a bigger number of smaller ones), so no pressure!

Wish me luck 🙂


I just finished an e-learning survey for the uni (click on this if you’re a student and want to take part For ten minutes of answering simple questions, I could win £50 in amazon vouchers. If I’m less lucky, £25 in vouchers. Other than that, I could even win a USB wristband.

Having the chance to win all that for free is not why I feel lucky though. I am lucky because Edge Hill cares about the student experience, wants to get feedback and move forward with the advice of actual students. I don’t care about winning, I care that I’m part of, and getting the chance to influence, an institution that wants to help.

That is something money can’t buy.