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In today’s climate when the cost of things seem to be on the increase, it can be a relief to hear about something with the potential of making your studies more affordable.

We all know how software can help us with our studies.  Occasionally we need to purchase specific software to do a particular task, such as word-processing to write an essay or editing software to develop a project…

…but do you know about Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) that you can download and use?  Software that may do exactly what you want and more to help with your studies.

We’ve taken a look at some software and believe it can benefit most people in a number of situations, software that is affordable, accessible, assistive and flexible.

Programmes assembled in to portable collections so that you can use them with almost any computer anywhere.

In certain cases you can handpick from several items tailoring the software bundles to your individual needs.

All this including technical support, guidance and regular updates from reputable software developers and providers within the freeware and open source communities.

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Martin Baxter - LTD Officer

Martin Baxter

(Learning Technology Development)

Exam Revision and Inspiration® mind mapping software

Exam Revision and Inspiration® mind mapping software

Inspiration® software can be used as a tool for developing  memorable exam revision techniques and is fun to use.  The  software is accessible to all Edge Hill students from the desktop and is very easy to use.  Users create a picture of their ideas and concepts in the form of a diagram or mind map and pictures can be imported from photographs.

Inspiration® software stimulates visual and linear thinking and can aid memory retention and memory recall in exams. It is particularly useful for students with a visual learning preference.

The visual representation of ideas means that revision becomes an active process. Inspiration® can help you to organise and clarify your thoughts and ultimately save time. Notes can be condensed and topics summarised to make exam revision easier and information memorable.  Gaps in understanding become more evident and recall is enhanced.

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