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As a holder of the Customer Service Excellence award for 8 years, Learning Services are committed to continuously improving our facilities, resources and services to ensure your learning experience is the best that it can be.

We were delighted to receive some excellent feedback from our latest Customer Service Excellence assessment in January 2013.  Not only are we still fully compliant in all elements of the award, but we received 3 compliance pluses!  Compliance pluses are awarded when a service goes that extra mile.  We were awarded compliance pluses for our insight into how customers use our services, resources and facilities, our approach to staff development and our use of mobile technologies.

The assessor also highlighted the following as areas of strength:

  •  Learning Services has a very good understanding of the needs of all of its customer groups and has used this understanding to develop and improve services to them.
  • There are good levels of customer satisfaction across all areas of service delivery and, where in some academic Faculties and Departments these are lower, support has been available to help to improve satisfaction levels.
  • There is a real culture of customer focus that stems from Managers down to, and upwards from, front line staff.
  • Staff recognise the value of good customer service and the impact that their roles have on front line service provision, demonstrated through the speed with which resources become available for student borrowing.
  • Staff are empowered to develop services both within their own areas of expertise and as members of wider teams and working groups across all areas of service delivery.
  • Staff seek out new solutions to problems, for example, developing mobile solutions to accessing services.
  • There are well established systems in place for monitoring and reviewing performance in respect of service delivery outcomes and the timeliness of delivery.

Do you agree with these statements?  As always we would love to hear your feedback about what we do well, and what you feel we could improve: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/ls/feedback/

For more information about the Customer Service Excellence award contact:

Helen Jamieson, Customer Services Manager




Make the Web Come to You: Simple tools and techniques that keep you in the loop

Do you want to keep track of the online debates and conversations taking place in your community of practice and beyond? Do you struggle to find time to check what is being said through all the relevant web sites, blogs, journals and social networking sites?

As part of the Emerging Technologies series this 1 hour session is an introduction to using things such as feed readers, RSS feeds, social networking and micro-blogging sites to follow topics, people and conversations on the subjects that interest you.

Although aimed at those relatively new to this way of keeping up to date, if you have already been using these tools feel free to come along and share your own experiences and tips for making good use of them.

The session will be delivered by Peter Beaumont at 1pm, 22nd June.

Edge Hill University staff can book by clicking here.

If there are technologies you’d like to see covered in future sessions of this series please suggest them in a comment.

Mark Ayton

Learning Technology Development Manager

Summer 2011 opening hours

The opening hours for the University Library and the LINC will change for the summer vacation on Monday 13th June 2011

University Library

8.30am – 9pm    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8.30am – 5pm    Wednesday & Friday
Closed               Saturday & Sunday

LINC Building

The LINC will remain 24-7 access  (with a valid Unicard) throughout the summer vacation. However the helpdesk hours will alter to

8.45am– 7pm    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8.45am – 5pm    Wednesday & Friday
Closed               Saturday & Sunday

From Monday 27th June the Helpdesk will only open 11am – 3pm daily

The opening hours for all our Libraries can be found here

For further information please call us on 01695 584286 or e-mail lsdesk@edgehill.ac.uk


Cathy Carey

Facilities Coordinator

Did you know… We’re keeping up with Emerging Technology

We’ve been using technology in teaching for years, some of it for so long that we don’t even think of it as technology any more. Keeping up to date with delivery techniques helps ensure a good experience for our students.

Here in the Learning Technology Development team we look for up and coming ideas that are attracting the interests of academic staff and students. Although new technology is sometimes seen as the answer to a question that was never asked, after a while someone will attempt to use it to help learning. By following the experiences of these early adopters we are able to assist the uptake of new technology, and the development of techniques to use it for a wider audience.

So where does technology emerge from and how can you keep up to date?

There are many web-sites, and social / professional networks that can provide insight into what’s happening now and what’s coming up…

The Learning Technology Development team have recently been delivering sessions to showcase Emerging Technologies. The first covered applications for QR-Codes, the second shared experiences with Professional Blogs, and we have a third planned for 20th May on using the iPad (Edge Hill University staff can book here). We also have ideas for future sessions including Cloud Computing, Creative Digital Technologies, Assessing On-line and Staying Technology Aware, but what we’d really like to know is…

Are there Emerging Technologies that you’d like a closer look at? Let us know in a comment.

Alternatively contact us directly at ltdsupport@edgehill.ac.uk

Mark Ayton

Learning Technology Development Manager (ext. 7758)

Creating a group of bloggers

A group session was held yesterday, Friday 13th March (hope that isn’t a bad omen!) which brought together a group of volunteers from Learning Services, who were interested in, wanted to know more about, thought they should be, or already were – blogging.

As the saying goes, one volunteer is worth a hundred pressed men so the group were engaged, interested, open and willing to find out more, regardless of past experience. Mike Nolan, Acting Head of Web Services and I delivered the workshop which discussed what is a blog?, why should we blog?, what kind of structure should a Learning Services blog take, and how would the blog fit into the wider University picture?

In just over an hour, the group watched the commoncraft guide to blogging, asked questions, wrote for some their first ever blog post, queried tags and categories and had many more questions than we could answer in this, what will turn out to be, part one.

I’m writing about it because I want to document the growth of the group, which will be evidenced by the posts that you see here, and can’t be measured in the true sense, but which will be clear as the writers find their blogging voice, and possibly even a wider digital identity.

We’re going to meet again in three weeks, after the group have had a bit of practice in writing and posting, to further discuss how we move this project forward.

I should say that this is linked to the overhaul of Learning Services web presence that Martin Baxter, ICT and Media Resource Manager and I have been working on over the last 15 months with a cross service project group, and the blog posts will be directed (using categories) to the most relevant parts of the web site to ensure that the content of the blog, which will be varied, reaches the right audience.

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