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Within Learning Services is a team of technical staff and part of their remit is to oversee the technology in your teaching spaces, and to provide training and support for the audio visual equipment across classrooms and lecture theatre spaces.

The two teams formerly known as Media & ICT Support and ICT Development have now merged to become the Classroom Technology Support Team. This new, merged team gives an enhanced user and support experience, which encompasses the technologies and software you find in your teaching spaces, brought together and supported as one.

Many will be aware of the Classroom Support Service that the team operates between 8am and 6pm each weekday during term time, but did you know that this covers 220 teaching spaces across all 4 campuses? The majority of teaching spaces can be supported remotely. You can find details of supported teaching spaces and the technology installed in them in the ‘Everyone’ staff shared folder: Y:\Everyone\Classroom Support & AV.

The team also provides support for over 750 PCs in teaching spaces and open access areas, including specialist support for Faculty of Education software and equipment.

There are times when classroom technology does fail, but to minimise the inconvenience to the user, the team run a service called MAVIS (Mobile Audio Visual Information Service) provided via the web and also developed an Android app so you can check for any known reported technical issues prior to teaching. MAVIS can be found at

The digital pathway and road map for teaching spaces allows proactive monitoring of each connected space, and provides evidence around usage and trends. This enables statistical evidence to be provided for future technical enhancements to our teaching spaces.

Some of our lecture theatres are now capable of providing an immersive experience, with projection and sound technology you would experience in a digital cinema. Creative Edge lecture theatre has been designed to provide both a teaching environment and a full digital cinema experience with a projection system capable of projecting 2K resolution video.

The most recent technology that the Classroom Technology Support Team have introduced to lecture theatres and classrooms is lecture capture. If you missed the recent blog post about it, you can read it here:

Feedback on the services and support provided by the Classroom Technology Support Team is valued. So if you would like to contact the team please email [email protected]

Did you AV a good classroom experience?

Classroom Audio Visual Support Brochure

ClassroomSupport2Did you know that Learning Services manage the audio-visual (AV) technologies in the University’s 212 teaching spaces? Installing, maintaining and future-proofing classroom and lecture theatre AV is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – the job is never completed, however, almost all of EHU’s teaching spaces are now equipped with a high standard of audio-visual equipment such as data-projectors, speakers, Blu-ray players as well as wall or desk mounted control panel with an input socket for laptop if required.

As well as managing the high-quality AV kit in classrooms, Learning Services also provides a classroom support service for colleagues. Amazingly, calls for classroom support have fallen year-on-year since 2010 despite a 50% increase in the number of classrooms supported! See Fig 1.

Fig 1.Classroom support calls 2010-2014


While this is a good news story, we are not resting on our laurels, being very mindful that every call to classroom support represents a delay in teaching and that any delay on our part in resolving issues has an immediate, highly visible and often emotional impact upon the student and staff experience.

While classroom and lecture theatre control panels have become more intuitive and the AV technology more robust, using them can be a daunting experience for new staff.  To this end, Learning Services have produced a classroom support brochure, which contains helpful information about the audio visual technologies in classrooms and lecture theatres and who to call on for support when it is needed.


We think this information will also be of interest to academic colleagues who have been here a while so will post a booklet out to all.  Copies will also be made available at the Welcome desk on the ground floor of the library.

There is an electronic copy of our new booklet available in eShare.







Donald Moffatt  – Media and ICT Development Manager


Learning Services newsletter – spotlight on technology enhanced learning and media and ICT

And so September and First Week planning begins….The latest edition of the Learning Services newsletter is a special issue dedicated to all those summer planning activities!

Find out about VLE enhancements, opportunities for training & development and the latest upgrade to Blackboard.

Articles include news to update academic colleagues both around the Blackboard upgrade and the latest development within the VLE – Blackboard Community, which some of you may already have heard about and want to introduce for your department.

Blackboard was successfully upgraded on Monday 21st July and there are two webinars to share the enhancements and new features and these take place on the 23rd and 24th of July.  More information about the new features of Blackboard can be found in the newsletter.

Also in the newsletter is an overview of the development of the classroom infrastructure across campus and helpful information about training and support if you are using new technology or rooms or lecture theatres you are unfamiliar with.

We have included some future gazing with a look at augmented reality uses in education and also the Horizon 2014 report.

Changes to technology can be very fast paced and we welcome your feedback about your experiences of using the VLE and technologies and very importantly, areas where you feel we can provide more training and opportunities for development so please get in touch.

email [email protected]

Phone: 01695 650754 ex 7754

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication