In response to your Media equipment feedback…


In response to student feedback from the last academic year, Learning Services have made some improvements to maximise the availability of media equipment and improve your experience of using the media kit.

  • Any booked equipment to be picked up by mid-day to assist in increasing usage and availability.
  • A testing area to allow full checks of the kit prior to going on location
  • We have a technician on hand at the library welcome desk if you wish to ask any questions or report any equipment faults, just ask for Jim.
  • New media brochures detailing all available equipment – if you don’t have one just ask at the Welcome desk in the Library.
  • Media equipment requests need to be made at least three days in advance now includes all non-standard loans to give you the best chance of securing equipment for the duration of your shoot.
  • An online form to request renewals.
  • Forms have been included in the equipment bags should you wish to offer any feedback about anything, just pass the form in to the Welcome desk as you return the kit.

Learning Services newsletter – spotlight on technology enhanced learning and media and ICT

And so September and First Week planning begins….The latest edition of the Learning Services newsletter is a special issue dedicated to all those summer planning activities!

Find out about VLE enhancements, opportunities for training & development and the latest upgrade to Blackboard.

Articles include news to update academic colleagues both around the Blackboard upgrade and the latest development within the VLE – Blackboard Community, which some of you may already have heard about and want to introduce for your department.

Blackboard was successfully upgraded on Monday 21st July and there are two webinars to share the enhancements and new features and these take place on the 23rd and 24th of July.  More information about the new features of Blackboard can be found in the newsletter.

Also in the newsletter is an overview of the development of the classroom infrastructure across campus and helpful information about training and support if you are using new technology or rooms or lecture theatres you are unfamiliar with.

We have included some future gazing with a look at augmented reality uses in education and also the Horizon 2014 report.

Changes to technology can be very fast paced and we welcome your feedback about your experiences of using the VLE and technologies and very importantly, areas where you feel we can provide more training and opportunities for development so please get in touch.


Phone: 01695 650754 ex 7754

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication



Learning Services’ Media and ICT Support team have developed a collection of short videos to provide media students with expert direction and support to help them get the most out of the equipment they are borrowing, from getting started with a camcorder to using a set of lights.

The bespoke videos focus on the media equipment borrowed from the library. The aim is to provide informative content that aids in the operation of the equipment and resolves any issues encountered.

Each Video is:

  •  1-2 minutes in length
  • Contains a visual list of the items for that piece of equipment
  • Provides expert demonstration

The videos are short so that students can easily dip in and out of them, and the visual list of items are to help students identify that everything is still present after a busy shoot.

The visual list is followed by a demonstration on how to correctly use the different elements of the equipment. For example how to format an SD card, change any settings that may need to be highlighted to ensure the equipment works correctly, or how to attach a light to the stand securely.

The videos are hosted on YouTube so they can be easily accessed from a smart phone, laptop or computer. This accessibility means that no matter where the students are they have access to the information. The You Tube videos are accessed by QR codes printed on the checklists that are located inside the equipment bag themselves, so that they can scan the code and be taken directly to the video on YouTube.

YouTube provides very useful statistics which will help us to recognise how the videos are being used so we can make any changes in light of this. It is hope that this added dimension of support accessible via YouTube will be well received, and we welcome any suggestions for future videos.

The current playlist for these videos can also be found at

Chris Baker

Media & ICT Support Manager

#EHUGetConnected Taking Your Devices to the Next Level!

The new smartphones to buy in 2013

After the success of all the previous #EHUGetConnected events held in 2013, we are happy to announce more upcoming dates across different venues and locations for the coming weeks ahead:

  • 11am – 2pm Friday, 31st January 2014 (HUB, Ormskirk Campus)
  • 9am – 1pm Tuesday, 4th February 2014 (FOHSC Foyer, Ormskirk Campus)
  • 9am – 1pm Wednesday, 5th February 2014 (FOHSC CPD, Aintree Campus)

If you’ve never come along to one previously then you are in for treat! #EHUGetConnected gives you the chance to speak to our team of knowledgeable staff to help get the best out of your technology and the learning resources at your disposal.  Every year there are new and exciting upgrades to our systems, pushing the boundaries of online learning and communication.  In 2014 we will again be promoting and showcasing our favorite selection of mobile apps, campus WiFi connectivity and our learning resource ‘hall of fame’. This time we will be featuring the new Community Engagement upgrade within Learning Edge and show you how it can enhance your online learning practice.

Here are just a few examples of questions we can help you with:

General ‘How can I…?’

  • connect to WiFi on campus?
  • find a PC to use?
  • book a study room?
  • forward my Edge Hill emails to a personal account?

On my mobile (eReader/laptop/phone/tablet) ‘how can I…?’

  • sync my emails?
  • easily log into Learning Edge?
  • get the course notifications I want?
  • access my lecture notes?
  • search the library catalogue?
  • download journal articles and eBooks?
  • annotate journal articles or lecture notes?
  • save shortcuts to the library and my subject pages?
  • watch videos or listen to podcasts?
  • find useful apps?

In the library ‘how can I…?’

  • search for resources?
  • find online journals and articles?
  • access my reading list?
  • reserve a book?
  • build a reference using the Discover More ‘cite’ tool?
  • save a link to an eResource so I can go straight back to it later?
  • work out which databases are right for my subject?

In Learning Edge ‘how can I…?’

  • change the way my course list is displayed?
  • subscribe to discussion forums/threads so I know when a post has been made?
  • set up my own online blogs/discussion forums/podcasts/social or study groups?
  • find my grades and feedback?


Events taking place in the Faculty of Health and Social Care are tied in with the Faculty enrollment and induction day for the newest cohorts, but all current students and staff are welcome to come and ask any burning questions you may have about your devices, gadgets or gizmos.  If you’re not at any of the campus locations on the day to speak to us in person, we have got that covered too!  You can contact us during the event (and beyond) via our social media channels using the #EHUGetConnected hash-tag:


twitter or

We would be delighted to talk to you about technology; let us demystify some of the things you’ve heard about but don’t know how to use, and let us help you get started using technologies maybe you haven’t even heard of yet!

See you there!

wordpresspenpicMark Wilcock
Learning Technology Development Officer

Christmas read – treat yourself to a Learning Services newsletter


Learning Services would like to share with you some of the exciting developments which have happened over the past few months. It’s been a busy term for lots of our teams’ who have been involved in developments and improvements with media loans; skills and employability events; and new help and support available via the web – Keep Calm and Ask Us

These are just some of the highlights, please take a look and find out more in our Winter newsletter.

We would also like to wish staff and students a very Happy Christmas and New Year and a reminder that the University Library in Ormskirk we will be open:

Christmas Eve 9am – 3pm

30th December 9am – 5pm

New Years Eve 9am – 3pm

For more information and a full schedule of opening times for all our sites, please visit our website.

Best wishes

Rachel Bury Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication



Learning Services at Christmas

We are aware the January exam period is looming, as is the start of a busy time for those undertaking dissertations, so the next few weeks may be the only time you may have to get some extra work done.  Learning Services will be here for you if you need some quiet study time.

Our additional opening hours at Christmas are always well used and this year we are pleased be able to offer more vacation opening than ever before.

The University Library will be open for 3 days during the Christmas vacation.

As well as being open Monday 23rd December, 9am – 5pm, we are open Christmas Eve, 9am – 3pm, Monday 30th December, 9am – 5pm, and New Years Eve, 9am – 3pm. You can come in and see us, find resources, get some help, use a PC, bring your books back and take out some more! As the Library is now home to the media equipment, media students are also able to access kit during the Christmas vacation, for the first time.

Our online help tool – Ask Us – is available 24/7 throughout the Christmas period for you to check our bank of answers, get in touch via email or text and, during our opening hours, use live web chat to get the help you need. Our telephone helpline is available during opening hours on 01695 584286

24/7 access to PCs in the LINC building will operate throughout the holiday period if you need a PC.

Of course you don’t have to visit us in the library, you can use us online. All our eResources will be available via our website and library catalogue so why not give them a visit. You can access 24/7:

  • 97,000+ eBooks
  • 40,000+ eJournals
  • specialist subject web pages to sign post you to the right resources for your subject

For more details about our opening hours please check the website

Merry Christmas, Learning Services

Sneak preview of our brand new HD TV studio

Staff from the Learning Services Media Development Team had a recent visit on site to our new Creative Edge building and they have taken some panoramic pictures which we wanted to share with everyone so you could see how it’s all taking shape.

Don Moffatt, Media and ICT senior manager can be seen here in a panoramic shot of the new office space for the team – and the cabling is just the infrastructure for their office!


And if you thought there was a lot of cabling for the office, take a look at the cabling for the studios  – it puts problems we all have at home with cabling in the shade!







The new building has a broadcast studio with 5 HD camera’s which will create for our students a real television studio experience and also, a multi-purpose studio with 3 HD cameras.  Here are a couple of shots of the TV1 5 camera studio which is located on the ground floor of the new building.












The Media Development Team will move over to Creative Edge before the start of term in September and I am sure we will all want a full guided tour when these exciting media spaces are up and running in September.

More pictures when we next have a visit on site…

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager –  Quality, Marketing & Communication

Learning Edge Upgrade: Introducing New Features



As most of you are aware Learning Edge is scheduled to be upgraded this weekend (July 21st-22nd). Once completed you will have access to a number of impressive new features and improvements to existing ones. Over the past few weeks we have promoted what these new features can do and how they can help you expand on current usage.

To help introduce you to what’s new, Learning Technology will be running an online webinar (via Collaborate) at 2.30pm on Wednesday 24th July to allow instructors on Blackboard to become acquainted with the new features and tools.  Anyone can join via a computer with an internet connection, regardless of where they are, you could even attend from the comfort of your own home.  Questions will be taken via the chat box in the webinar.

This online session will be very useful as it will provide you with the opportunity to have an overview of the new Learning Edge and the opportunity to ask questions on how and where you may wish to use the new features and tools. Please follow this link to register for the event via the Staff Development pages:

Once you have registered, you will receive joining instructions and information via email on how to virtually attend.

You may find it useful to review our marketing flyers.  You can also download and share them with your colleagues.



During the webinar, the following new features will be introduced:

Calendar – a unified calendar across all areas enrolled in to see ‘the big picture’ of what is happening in Blackboard.

Discussion Boards – revamped and easier to follow including profile pictures (if users have uploaded a picture or avatar).

Profiles – entering your own details or optionally using Facebook or Twitter to ‘pull’ through basic info about yourself into Blackboard.

Inline Grading – like Turnitin’s feature ‘GradeMark’ the Blackboard Assignment tool now allows online comments, feedback and grading against the actual work in a virtual window.

Global Navigation – quick links for all users to quickly get to key activity in Blackboard.

My Blackboard – still quick access, but more detailed information about the activity including the ability to reply to any discussion forums from the Learning Edge Homepage without having to click into each individual course or module!

Retention Centre – revamped ‘Early Course Warnings’ with much clearer graphics to monitor and keep track of students.

We will look forward to seeing you online and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the upgrade.

If you have any queries regarding the session please don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Technology Development team on 01695 650754 or via

Nina_Unsworth 1Nina Unsworth

Learning Technology Development Operations Coordinator


Technology Roadshow to appear at FoHSC enrollment day

Technology Roadshow April

Tuesday 30th April sees the return of the Technology Roadshow!

After the success of the last event held in the University Library, we are to bring the road show to the Faculty of Health and Social Care to tie in with the Faculty enrollment and induction day for the newest cohorts, but all current students and staff are welcome to come and ask any burning questions you may have about your devices, gadgets or gizmos.

We would be delighted to talk to you about technology; let us demystify some of the things you’ve heard about but don’t know how to use, and let us help you get started using technologies maybe you haven’t heard of yet!

Some of you have said you would like to know how to do such things as:

  • sync my emails?
  • easily log into Learning Edge?
  • get the course notifications I want?
  • download journal articles and eBooks?
  • save shortcuts to the library and my subject pages?
  • watch videos or listen to podcasts?
  • find online journals and articles?
  • build a reference using the Discover More ‘cite’ tool?
  • find useful apps?
  • connect to wi-fi on campus?
  • find a PC to use?
  • forward my Edge Hill emails to a personal account?

Tell us what you want to know about Learning Edge, Campus Pack, Mobile Learn, the PC Availability Finder, Library Anywhere, Ebrary, Collaborate and anything else you want to know about technology to support your learning.

Come along to the Faculty of Health and Social Care; we will be located in the foyer between 11am and 2pm.

If you’re not on campus on the day to speak to us in person, we have got that covered too!  You can contact us during the event (and beyond) via our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be using #EHUmobileclinic so if you have something to say or a question to ask about using technologies for your studies please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you!




Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer


New skills for a new year – January Staff Development

The Learning Services staff development programme – Developing Digital Excellence begins again in January.

We have got a wide range of sessions covering all 4 strands of the programme which will support staff across the university in their use of technology and hopefully enhance their knowledge and skills – and maybe learn something brand new.

Here’s the detail of what we have got coming up in January


  • Digital Classroom

HD TV Studio – have a tour and overview of the TV Studio and HD technology (top floor Learning Innovation Centre)
16th January 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Introduction to classroom and lecture theatre technology
W/B 21st January and W/B 29th January.

Please contact Glenn Allan direct to discuss suitable rooms and dates – ex 7227

  • Digital Practitioner

When is it and what did you say? – using the VLE to improve communication and organisation
18th January 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Help my mobile is smarter than me! – we all know how this feels!
28th January 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Technology road show and clinic – this is both for staff and students.  Please spread the word to your students about this road show
31st Jan The Hub 11.00am – 2.00pm.

No need to book, just come and see us in the Hub

  • Digital Researcher

Effective information search strategies – getting the best results when you search
15th January 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Research information feeds – make life easier by getting automatic feeds of all the things you are interested in
21st January 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Introduction to Refworks – a great training session to start your research project with
29th January 10.00am – 12.00pm

  • Digital Office

Folders and File management
15th January 10.00am – 11.00am

Powerpoint an introduction
17th January 9.30am – 11.30am

Advanced features of Word
28th January 2.00pm – 4.30pm

You can find out more about these sessions and also what we have coming up throughout the year via the Learning Services wiki

You can see at a glance the sessions we are delivering across all these areas and by using the link on the page, link through to book direct on the HR wiki.

All sessions, unless mentioned otherwise, take place in the Learning Innovation Centre (LINC) development room which is located on the top floor of the building. Teams across Learning Services can also deliver bespoke sessions to teams if there is something you would like to develop your skills in.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Rachel Bury
ext. 7757