• Discover your study-life balance and be Study Happy!

    The first term is well and truly underway and, as deadlines approach, it is a good time to think about how you ensure a healthy balance between study, rest and play. But never fear as Study Happy week is returning Monday 4th – Friday 8th November to offer you help, support, ideas and tips to […]

  • A celebration of Maya Angelou

    In honour of Black History Month, I have written a blog about my favourite female author – Maya Angelou! I have loved Maya Angelou ever since I was a little girl. I think her kind face brings me comfort and reminds me of my gran. Her writing gave me hope and inspired me to push […]

  • Have you met your Student Advisors?

    It has been another busy start to the academic year with lots of welcome and induction activities taking place across campus. If you joined us in Catalyst 16th – 27th September you may have even taken part in one of our Student Led Catalyst Tours, delivered by our team of Student Advisors. Don’t worry if […]

  • Spotlight on…Reservations!

    Welcome to our seventh ‘Spotlight on…’ blog series! As part of #LoveYourLibrary month, our Student Advisors have been bringing light to some of Catalyst’s lesser-known fantastic features. Looking for books can be frustrating, especially when you finally find the one you want and realise all copies are out on loan. But have no fear because a cool thing […]

  • Spotlight on…Catalyst CD Collection

    Welcome to the fifth of our ‘Spotlight on…’ blog series! As part of #LoveYourLibrary month, our Student Advisors will be bringing light to some of Catalyst’s lesser-known fantastic features. Today, Dylan uncovers the delights of Catalyst’s very own CD collection… Attention music lovers! If you’d much rather listen to music played from your CD player than your phone […]

  • Random Act of Kindness Day

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Ghandi Today, 17th February, is Random Act of Kindness day. Research has proven that showing kindness and consideration to others has multiple benefits for both giver and receiver. Being kind increases oxytocin, which strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, and […]

  • Happy National Hobby Month!

    Can you believe that extreme ironing is a hobby? People take to mountains, helicopters and even mid-air to iron their clothes. Have you ever heard of Baggists? Baggists collect sick bags from aeroplanes and websites are available for Baggists to buy and sell bags they may not have found. So… to celebrate national hobby month, […]

  • Preparing for the exam season

    Exam season is upon us and, in case you missed the revision tips and techniques workshop in December, I’m here to provide you with some helpful tips for revision. Revision Techniques Effective tips Notes Drawings Posters Cartoons Mindmaps Placing Flashcards Self-tests Lists Re-writing Quizzes Incentives Powerpoints Diagrams Flow Charts Colour-coding Exam Papers Reading aloud Images […]

  • Donate your old textbooks to help new students!

    Learning Services is aiming to bring hundreds of unwanted textbooks back into the hands of students. The Pass the Book scheme is aimed at collecting used, old or unwanted textbooks and then re-distributing them in the new academic year. Your donations will not only allow students to save money on buying new textbooks, but it […]

  • Pass the Book scheme is now underway!

    After much success from previous years the Pass the Book scheme is ready for 2018. The scheme revolves around the idea of ‘giving back’. By donating your old or unwanted textbooks to the Pass the Book scheme you are ‘giving back’ to other students who will be able to use these books for their studies […]