Black History Month 2022: Reflections and Reviews

October may feel like a lifetime ago (especially as we hurtle through the final months of the year) and as we had so much going on for Black History Month we’re providing you with a recap and reflection on how Library and Learning Services celebrated:

  • We updated our specially curated reading list, featuring new additions to our collection, with a spotlight on Nigerian Stories and Authors.
  • Our display in the Reading for Pleasure collection on the ground floor of Catalyst complimented this as we selected some books from the list to showcase.
  • On both the list and the display, Olympic athlete Anyika Onuora’s memoir, ‘My Hidden Race’ was a focal point, as she was welcomed to the University to share her story.
  • We added her book to our collection for staff and students to borrow and learn more about her life. You can view its availability and location here if you’d like to check it out.
  • Professionally, we also welcomed colleagues from the Association of University Librarians of Nigerian Universities (AULNU) on campus, to exchange knowledge with ourselves. We certainly learnt a lot and it was wonderful experience to host colleagues from Nigeria.

Amongst all this activity, we still found time to read lots of books! So, in this blog, we would like to share some of our favourite books and reviews!

13 individuals are standing, smiling, in a staged photograph taken in the Catalyst rooftop garden.
colleagues from the Association of University Librarians of Nigerian Universities (AULNU) enjoying the Catalyst rooftop garden
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Black History: Keep the Conversation Going

Throughout October we shared and engaged with a wide variety of resources in order to educate ourselves on issues affecting people of colour in celebration of Black History Month. Read our previous blogs, Black History Month: Expanding our minds and our Library resources and Black History Month: Read, Watch, Listen, Reflect to find out more. In addition to raising awareness, it’s important that we continue to learn and keep the conversation going.

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Ebook Central Downtime

Saturday 26th June 1pm – 11pm 

On Saturday 26th June eBooks from ProQuest Ebook Central will be unavailable, due to an essential server move.  During this time no eBooks will be available from Ebook Central, which is the main supplier of eBooks at Edge Hill University.   

To prepare for this we recommend you download books or chapters in advance where this is possible. You can do so here.   

Ebook Central image

Download instructions are available here: 

Full book download  

Chapter download

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. 

Discover More Downtime

Sunday 30th May 2021 

On Sunday 30th May there will be some disruption to Discover More due to an essential server move.  Discover More will still be available for searching, but not all links to e-books and articles will work as expected.  The A-Z of Journals and Databases will also not work during this time.   

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World Theatre Day 2021

Celebrated annually on 27th March, World Theatre Day is a great excuse to embrace all varieties of theatre. Like us, we’re sure that many of you are missing attending plays and shows in person. With theatres and cinemas closed, we’ve resorted to streaming live theatre from the comfort of our homes or subscribing to streaming channels to get our fix of film and drama. Whether you’re a drama or film student, or simply enjoy musicals and Shakespeare in your free time, we hope you’ll find these resources of use to you.

A sepia photograph featuring five female students in costume. One on the left is in a flowing white gown, crouched next to another student with a long beard. The other three students are standing and dressed in black, one in the forefront with what appears to be a fake sword.
From the University Archive, a student production of King Lear c. early 1890s
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World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21st March each year, since 1999 when UNESCO first adopted the day for this purpose. As poetry began as an oral tradition, UNESCO’s aim was to promote readings and spoken word to give a voice to all communities across the world. Poetry gives us all the opportunity to express ourselves as with theatre, dance, music and painting, therefore it is hoped that World Poetry can ‘restore the dialogue’ between the arts and help individuals within society with their sense of identity.

Bill’s poem, ‘Time and Tide’
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Friendship Books

I’m sure it’s not just me whose main experience of seeing friends over the past year has been squinting at screens, hoping the broadband holds and occasionally having to shout, “you’re on mute!” Things that were once regular occurrences – meeting up with friends for a drink or popping over to their house for a takeaway – now seem both distant, barely tangible memories and faraway, exciting hopes. And yet, imagine we had not been able to see friends on video calls, to text and email them over the past year. There seems little doubt that technology has, for many of us, eased some of the feelings of isolation the pandemic is causing. Even just a decade or two ago, the experience of living through a global pandemic would have been very different.

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