Keep calm & submit this summer

Advice for a stress free submission.

First, please use the Chrome or Firefox browsers if you are submitting online.  Note that the default browser in Windows 10 is Edge – perhaps OK for surfing the net – but we believe it isn’t performing so well for ‘high stakes’ activity such as assignment submission.  We see a handful of problems with empty submissions every week, and these have been submissions using the Edge browser – so, please download and install Firefox or Chrome and use these browsers when working with Blackboard.

More general assignment advice is on Carol & Mark’s excellent post from last December – here’s my summary:

  • Find out well in advance about where, when, how, & in what format to submit your work – ask your tutor – and keep them informed of any issues you are having;
  • If you are having problems submitting, check it’s not the system via these Twitter feeds: @EdgeHillVLE & @Turnitinstatus;
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to submit – also available for Macs;
  • Aim to submit 24 hours early – especially if submitting to Turnitin;
  • The Uniskills online submission page covers Referencing, Planning, & Finding Academic Information.

UntitledFinally, a great place to get help is the AskUs service – it’s a 24/7 searchable knowledge base, with the ability to post your specific question to Learning Services for a quick response:

Good luck with your assignments.

David Callaghan
Learning Technology Development Officer
[email protected]

Professional Web Conferencing software available to all

LisaC[2]If you want to share documents, videos, and see your colleagues face to face, then use the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool.  You can do most of this on your mobile too as there are apps for Apple and Android devices.

The Collaborate system can be thought of as a ‘virtual classroom’ – enabling you to interact remotely with tutors and peers – as if in the same room – through your PC, tablet or phone.

Here are two links that give an excellent overview of the system:

Look in your course menu for ‘Webinar’ or ‘Web Conferencing’ – if you can’t see such a link ask your tutor to create it for you – perhaps send them a link to this guide: Creating a link to your Collaborate Course Room.

Campus Pack – improved user interface.

Campus Pack, the system that is used to support things such as the trainee teachers ‘standards eportfolio, is getting a new user interface on 2nd August*. The new user interface looks ‘cleaner’ with more white space.  Here are some of the things you can expect to see, with a link to a detailed posting from Learning Objects for further details:

  • Laura Page's PortfolioThe side bar has been moved to the left – which will eliminate any ‘panic’ moments – because the menu will no longer disappear off the page;
  • Improved navigation – using buttons for settings (the Gear icon), hierarchy and adding a new page;
  • Moving the Description to the left – creating even more vertical space;
  • A new ‘Gear’ menu is where the Permissions, Export and Settings have been moved to.
  • Update to the Campus Pack editor that presents a faster user interface; has HTML5 support; easier table creation; and better support for Microsoft Word.

For more details, click on ‘Learning Object’s ‘What’s New for July 2014’.

Please be assured that all your content won’t be affected – the only difference is what the user interface looks like – all data and settings remain the same – there is nothing that you need to do.  However, if you are leaving us this year you may want to follow our screen casts on how to Export your portfolio and Import it to another service.

David Callaghan
Learning Technologist and Associate Tutor

*Note – the upgrade was originally planned for 5th July but has been rescheduled to 2nd August.

Don’t turn your mobile off!

… if notifications are irritating you – CHANGE THE SETTINGS!

tempBlackboard’s Mobile App (updated to v4.0 in August) has been a great hit with Edge Hill students, increasing engagement with courses and facilitating online discussion with fellow students.

However, we have heard that some students have stopped using the app because their phones were getting notifications every time a tutor uploaded or changes the content of a course.  If you don’t want these notifications then you should edit your notification settings – and this can be done within the Mobile App itself:  From the dashboard (the first screen when you login) tap the Settings Icon – then Notifications.  You can then select which notifications you want – (the one you’re most likely to un-tick is circled in the image).  These settings apply to all your courses.

Alternatively, you can change the settings using a PC or Mac.  Go to the ‘Dashboard’ in any course and click on a button labelled ‘Edit Notification Settings’. You can then set the ‘Bulk Notification Settings’ (the same settings as on the mobile) – or ‘Edit Individual Course Settings’.   For detailed information here’s a guide: Setting your Mobile Learn course notifications

If you are a tutor working early in the morning or late into the evening you can schedule content to be released at a more sociable time – see this short video: Timing the release of content for announcements.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact Learning Technology Development on 01695 650754 or via [email protected].


David Callaghan

Learning Technology Development Officer

Two e-learning blogs I sometimes use.


Here are a couple of blogs which I’ve found interesting and or useful over the past few months.  The first is Janes e-learning pick of the day:  Jane’s “Top 100” has signposted to unknown and reinforced known technologies and services.

The second is one I stumbled apon – and then got more interested as she wrote about virtual reality in health education – very interesting stuff:  “Sarah’s Musings” at:  Posts cover not only the technical aspects of using technology to teach, but also discuss pedagological issues, sometimes overtly, sometimes perhaps unconsciously.  More recent discussions are around e-mentoring, and this is an area of great interest to myself in my daily work.