What is a bullet journal?

A fast and flexible analogue system, to weed out unnecessary distractions.

How do they help you organise your time?

  • Tracking the past
  • Organising the present
  • Planning the future
  • A bullet journal is the difference between being busy and being proactive!

What are the academic benefits?

  • Helps to keep track of grades
  • Cheaper than an expensive planner
  • Frees up brain space
  • Break from technology – No need for WI-FI or battery power
  • Encourages creativity
  • Keeping track of time spent studying

What do you need to get started?

Any empty (or half empty) notebook, some fancy pens (or just one you got free at freshers’ week).

Bullet Journal Workshop

We are holding a bullet journal workshop during Libraries Week on Friday 12th October. It will take place in Oak Training Room, 3rd floor Catalyst.

Book your place here.

Written by: JADE KAUR

3rd Year Nutrition and Health Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services