The Leeds – Liverpool Canal 1816-2016: celebrating the first 200 years

“Linking the cosmopolitan cities of Liverpool and Leeds, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is the longest canal in Britain built as a single waterway. With rural walks, noteworthy heritage and peaceful boating, its 127 mile length has a lot to offer.” – Canal & River Trust

The latest exhibition on display at the University Library is celebrating the bicentenary of our local canal – did you even know we had a canal?

© Google Maps 2016
© Google Maps 2016

Come along to the library to learn more about the canal system, its features and operation through the years…see some original equipment* used for working on the canal, lots of photographs from the canal workers and even how the Canal & River Trust celebrated this year’s bicentenary!

Fun Facts!

  • Linking Leeds to Liverpool at 127.25 miles it is the longest canal in Britain built as a single waterway. Together with river navigation it offers a coast to coast route from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.
  • Work took 46 years to complete.
  • The canal has broad locks allowing larger loads (twice the narrowboat capacity) to be carried.
  • The main cargo was coal.
  • It has 91 locks and climbs to 487.5 feet at the summit.
  • In the Second World War it formed part of the main defence line against invasion, particularly in the west Lancashire area.
  • It has its own unique artwork called ‘Brightwork’

*Special thanks to National Waterways Museum