It seems that iOS users have recently been experiencing a few issues with their Blackboard Mobile app.

Good news! A number of ‘bugs’ have now been fixed and the new version is available to download via the iTunes Store.  You may have already installed the update, but just in case, you’re looking to have version 3.1.4 installed.

So, what does this mean? Well here’s just a few things that have been resolved:

  • Fixed an issue with displaying large Microsoft Office and PDF files
  • Fixed an issue with playing MP4 and MOV files
  • Fixed an issue preventing users enrolled in multiple groups from accessing their groups
  • Performance and reliability improvements to accessing, managing, and uploading files to and from linked Dropbox accounts.
  • Enlarged the size of iPad Mobile Learn’s Audio Player window to prevent playback controls from being partially obscured on both Portrait and Landscape orientations.
  • Improved file size listing to use KB, MB, and GB file size labels when displaying content greater than 100KB in size.
  • Improvements to Mobile-Compatible Tests to improve reliability

There are many other minor fixes but we felt the ones above are the ones that will make the most difference to the user.

If you ever experience any issues with Blackboard Mobile, please let Learning Technology know by dropping us an email on [email protected] outlining the details of the problem.  We’ll be able to take them forward to the Blackboard Mobile development team and hopefully you’ll see your suggestion or issue fixed in a future release.



Carol Chatten

Learning Technology Development Officer