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On Saturday night, for the first time, I explored the nightlife of Manchester. We went to see a band and then afterwards we went out into town. It was a really nice break from assignments, and inspired me to blog about what the nightlife is like at Edge Hill.

Being in the centre of the North West, there are so many places to party as an Edge Hill student. We are right next to Liverpool, nights out in Preston, Wigan and Southport are on the cards, Manchester isn’t far and (of course), not forgetting Ormskirk town itself. Only 5 minutes down the road, Ormskirk is a student town full of pubs and clubs. Not only is it really convenient and quick to get there, on different nights there are different student deals on drinks. Then we also have The Venue – Edge Hill students’ club on campus. Who knew nights out could be so cheap!

There’s different student nights all the time… foam parties, UV paint parties, neon parties, beach parties, social nights… One nightclub even does a free BBQ and bouncy castle… crazy or what?!

Liverpool though has to be my favourite. It is huge. There’s an endless amount of places to go – it’s perfect for students. And the best part is how close it is. Just a short £3.65 return train journey… that’s it!

So there we go. My opinion of Edge Hill nightlife.

3 thoughts on “Edge Hill Nightlife

  1. When you went to Edge Hill did you have any friends doing the same course/also going to Edge Hill/sharing accomadtion? I am considering Edge Hill for when I start in 2013 (hopefully!!) and I am really sacred about 1. Going to Uni 2. Being so far away from home (live in the South East) 3. Not making any friends!! Can you help me please? (Also I want to do Primary tecahing – the same as you but for Foundation Stage)

    • Hi Sophie. No, like you I moved from somewhere far away and I didn’t know anybody there. When I moved into my accommodation I had never met my flatmates. Don’t be scared! I made friends so quickly and so easily. Just remember: the majority of people who go to university, whatever university that might be, are all in the same boat. You won’t know anyone and you’ll be moving to a whole new place. But the experience is far from bad. It is exhilarating, fun and so amazing. Moving to university was the best decision of my life! And as for Primary Teaching at Edge Hill – you will NOT regret it! I have more posts coming soon, keep reading! X

      • thanks that has helped a lot!! just I don’t think see me as someone to get along with, thats my real issue if I go so far if I don’t make any friends I can’t come home and be with friends down here (Chatham near London)

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