Edge Hill Nightlife

On Saturday night, for the first time, I explored the nightlife of Manchester. We went to see a band and then afterwards we went out into town. It was a really nice break from assignments, and inspired me to blog about what the nightlife is like at Edge Hill.

Being in the centre of the North West, there are so many places to party as an Edge Hill student. We are right next to Liverpool, nights out in Preston, Wigan and Southport are on the cards, Manchester isn’t far and (of course), not forgetting Ormskirk town itself. Only 5 minutes down the road, Ormskirk is a student town full of pubs and clubs. Not only is it really convenient and quick to get there, on different nights there are different student deals on drinks. Then we also have The Venue – Edge Hill students’ club on campus. Who knew nights out could be so cheap!

There’s different student nights all the time… foam parties, UV paint parties, neon parties, beach parties, social nights… One nightclub even does a free BBQ and bouncy castle… crazy or what?!

Liverpool though has to be my favourite. It is huge. There’s an endless amount of places to go – it’s perfect for students. And the best part is how close it is. Just a short £3.65 return train journey… that’s it!

So there we go. My opinion of Edge Hill nightlife.

Teaching Placement

I can’t believe how far into the course we are already. As I study Primary Education, it is almost time to start our placement. Each year we get to experience teaching in an outstanding primary school specifically chosen by Edge Hill. We will be working amongst professionals who can help to develop our skills and confidence in teaching – not forgetting the children who we will be working with too. I am so excited to get started

Yesterday we found out where we will be located for our placement, and which year group in the school. I’ll be placed in Southport (quite close to Ormskirk) which means I’ll be travelling in each day on the bus. I’m in a year 4 class! I’m so excited, I’ve never taught in lower key stage 2 before (years 3 and 4). Before I went to Edge Hill (and especially before my university interview) I managed to get experience with year 1, 2 and 5. I needed to really, just to ensure I would get a place on the course. Edge Hill’s teaching course (along with other universities) ask that applicants have some experience within schools before they start the course. Not only does it show that you are confident to work with children, it also ensures that teaching is a career you’ve chosen and thought about carefully. In other words, you aren’t just going to start the course and give up after a week, realising it really isn’t the job for you.

Placement starts in mid-March… in just under 3 weeks. I will keep you updated!


Not-so-scary interviews, and exploring Edge Hill

Hey everyone, I’m back.

After what seems like a month of non-stop work, the work continues. I am throwing myself into the course. So far, five assignments down… three to go. Then comes placement, where I get to spend six weeks in a primary school. Excited doesn’t cover it.

Lately I’ve been doing lots of student guiding, where I help out with events Edge Hill host for applicants and prospective students (like open days, applicant visit days, campus tours, accommodation tours, interview days and so on). So if you’ve come to visit us recently you might have been fortunate enough to see me wearing a spectacular bright green bib. With all the sarcasm in the world intended, it really is a beautiful accompaniment to any outfit. However if you are interested in seeing the campus, touring the accommodation available, getting a feel for the university, or simply seeing these infamous green bibs, come along to an open day or any one of our monthly campus tours (held on the first Wednesday of each month). If you spot me, say hello! They are excellent opportunities to get to know Edge Hill. Remember, even if you are visiting for an interview, it is important to ensure the university is right for you. Explore, compare and most importantly ask questions. This is your time to be nosey, and rightfully so.

Being able to help during interview days has also given me a chance to see who could be joining the university next year. I’ve met some lovely people, all who I wish the best of luck to. Seeing new (slightly nervous/anxious) faces around Edge Hill reminds me of last year when I went through the interviewing process. I just want to remind you all that the interviews are no way near as bad as you might be imagining. If there is one thing you should remember, remember this:

When you are being interviewed, universities are not trying to search for imperfections. They aren’t looking to criticise you. You interviewer will encourage you to show just how great you are. They want to find all your positive traits, and what you can bring to the course.

I hope to see you soon. Don’t forget you can find me on Twitter, @LouiseEHU. As for interviews, don’t worry. Try your best. And smile!