Go go go

After a spectacularly long train journey I can finally say I’m back in Ormskirk. This weekend I’ve missed my little flat more than usual, which has transformed from a house to my home over the last couple of weeks.

The past seven days have been hectic, and things aren’t about to change any time soon. I have a million and one tasks to complete written on to-do listsĀ I’ve actually lost count of. I think I have to-do list for to-do lists. I have 12 more days to complete my first assignment about Inclusion within primary schools. Then there’s all the independent study tasks I have to complete after each session. Granted it’s a little stressful, but over the next few days especially I’m going become a workaholic and just get it done. University is definitely a huge step up from A Level, but it’s so refreshing to know that everyone is facing the same challenges as you and there’s so much support available. My tutor has already helped a great deal with guidance; she’s always around the corner, or an email/phone call away.

Besides, I’m still smiling as I have such a lot to look forward to this week. On Tuesday we have the first seminar for our Primary Education specialism (mine’s Communication, Language and Literature) and on Friday my best friends are coming to visit me for the whole weekend. We’ve got loads lined up and it’s bound to entail lots of laughter, partying and pizza – the ideal combination.

We had an exemplar visit to a local primary school the other day. I thought the school, staff and children were outstanding and it was a real inspiration. It was so nice to see all we’ve been taught so far actually put into practice, and it proved that everything we are learning will make a real contribution in schools.

So wish me luck, because this week is all go go go. Updates coming your way soon, plus you can follow me on Twitter: @LouiseEHU

Louise x

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