In the beginning

When I think about the future it’s all a bit blurry. Where will I be? Who with? What experiences will I have? The only thing I’m completely sure of is, in three years, I want to be an outstanding primary school teacher. Edge Hill for me is the stepping stone that will guide me to the path I’ve always wanted to take in life; it fuels my enthusiasm, encourages me to go further and supports me if times are difficult. To be at university studying Primary Education has been my ambition for years and, in my eyes, no job is comparable to teaching. To follow the lives and growth of your students and to guide them through learning is such a rewarding career. And I’m so eager to get started.

I’m Louise, 18, and a first year Edge Hill University student studying BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS. I’ve been a student of Edge Hill for exactly 41 days… 41 days and already I’m in love with the whole university, my course, my campus accommodation, the societies I’ve joined and last (but certainly not least) the amazing friends I’ve made already. It’s so hard to believe that tomorrow will be my 6 week landmark. The time has FLOWN.

University for me should be an experience of independence and enjoyment, as well as taking the next vital steps in my career. At the end of my time at Edge Hill I want to have travelled, explored a bit of the world. But more than anything, I want to feel positive and confident in what I do. If I’ve got happiness, it doesn’t matter about anything else.

Of course, I wouldn’t object to becoming a millionaire. You know, maybe winning the lottery a couple of times. Owning a cruise ship. Or two. Seven mansions and all that…

I can dream.


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