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I study Key Stage 2/3 Education with MFL and a recommendation for QTS.

It basically means that when I graduate, I will not have to do a PGCE year, as the teaching bit is all covered in the course. I will be qualified to teach in primary school as well as French, German and Spanish in secondary school which is amazing because most teachers can only teach in either primary or secondary schools.

Although I often moan about my course, usually in terms of the workload, I do really love it. Of course uni is hard – that’s the point, isn’t it? I know it will all be worth it in the end. I love my placements and can’t wait to have my own class.

The support I have been given so far on this course has been absolutely amazing. When things go wrong, there are some brilliant people fighting my corner and pushing me on through the hard times.

I really would recommend this course to anyone who is not afraid of a bit of hard work. This course is really fast paced, so can feel a little hectic at times, but it takes a whole year off of your study when compared with other universities. Also, the fact that the degree is in Key Stage 2/3 Education means that you have more options than those who choose just Primary or Secondary Education, and a head start for those who want to climb the educational career ladder.


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