December already?

Cannot get my head round the fact that it’s already December. Since 3rd September, I have spent 3 weeks teaching in France, a total of 17 days in uni and am in my sixth week of placement with one week to go! Then 1 week at uni and it’s Christmas!!!!

Got a 2:1 on my dissertation proposal and have come on leaps and bounds in confidence – in the last 3 months I have taught “kids” between 16 and 29 in France, gotten rid of my fear of teaching year 6, and to top it all I’ve spent an afternoon teaching Spanish in reception! So proud of myself! Love my course, love it all! Would recommend this course to anybody! It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it… and I can’t believe I’ll be graduating in 7 months time! It’s going to fly by!

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