Busy, busy bee!

Hi guys,

So this week is half term – phew! Has been such a busy one! Started off on teaching placement in France, dived straight into three weeks at uni and I’m off out on placement already! My school is brilliant and I know that some of the kids are really going to keep me on my toes!

So far this week I have done two days at uni, done most of my planning for placement, worked in my boyfriend’s (Mike’s) shop on three days, written almost all of my dissertation – sorry “extended study” or “research project” – proposal and gotten my hair cut. Little party for Mike’s sister’s 18th tonight, back to Ormskirk afterwards and then school in the morning!

Well, I’m procrastinating right now – need to get my proposal finished! I’ll leave you with a picture of my new hair cut, because I love it so very much =)

Me and my new hair cut in Mike's shop =)

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