There is currently an issue with entering and editing text in the Feedback Summary Box of Turnitin, this is where you would typically add your general comments whilst marking an assignment paper. So, later in this post we offer a temporary work-around to help.

This is a sector wide issue with many Institutions reporting problems. We have opened several cases with Turnitin and their engineers are working to resolved it, however they haven’t given us any estimate of when it may be resolved.

So in the meantime we are offering the following ‘work-around’ guidance, as at the moment the issue stems from the 5000 character count in the Feedback Summary Box.  ‘Hidden’ code is taking up the extra space and so it’s as if you’ve reached the character limit (but you can’t see it!)


  • Copy (Ctrl+C) any text currently in the Summary Feedback box into a new Notepad page/document. (Notepad can be found in Programs > Windows Accessories > Notepad)
  • Add any extra comments, words, characters that you need in this Notepad document.  Be aware that you shouldn’t exceed the 5000 character limit so you may wish to use Word to find out how many characters you have used.  You can do this by copying and pasting the text into Word then go to Review > Word Count
  • If you do copy and paste into Word, you will still need to then copy and paste back into Notepad to strip out any extra hidden code and remove all formatting.
  • Once all the text is complete in Notepad, copy (Ctrl+C) and then paste (Ctrl+V) into the Feedback Summary box.
  • You can still add comments directly onto the document (for example inline comments and Quick Marks) with no trouble.
    You may prefer in this case to simply use a comment box to leave your feedback summary instead.
    (The comment box has a character limit of approximately 2500 characters but you can create as many of these as you require).

Please get in touch [email protected] if you experience any further issues that the above does not resolve.

Apologies about the inconvenience