Turnitin Have advised that the newly released Turnitin for iPad app will not work if you upgrade to iOS 7:

Apple released a new operating system, iOS 7, which has been completely redesigned. Because of new backend complexities with how apps interact with the new iOS, the current version of Turnitin for iPad will not function if you upgrade to iOS 7. We apologize for this, and we are working to make the necessary improvements to the app that will allow it to function elegantly with the new iOS, but it will be at least a couple weeks.

We’re not alone in this, many iOS app developers are facing a similar challenge. If you are planning on using Turnitin for iPad in the coming weeks, we recommend in the short term that you hold off on upgrading to iOS 7 until our app and many others are compatible with iOS 7.”

When a compatible version of Turnitin for iPadbecomes available, we will notify you here.