As part of continued development and maintenance on Sunday 3rd February 2013 Blackboard Managed Hosting will be upgrading the production server database. The upgrade will see a move from Oracle 10i to 11G.

A brief history
Oracle released 11G in 2007. Patchset 1 was released in September 2008 and patchset 2 in September 2011.

Why is the database being upgraded?
The main drivers for the DB upgrade are security and performance optimisations. Some of the other enhancments include improved scalalability, content management and statistics collection . For those of a technical persuasion more information can be found here

What does this mean for me?
Learning Edge (Blackboard 9.1) will be unavailable from 00:00 to 04:00 on Sunday 3rd February 2013

If you have any queries regarding this work please don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Technology Development team on 01695 650754 or via [email protected]

John Langford
Learning Technology Systems Officer