This page contains links to the relevant guides which will enable you to set up Online Time Limited Assessments as per the options published in previous communications.

Option 1 – Blackboard Adaptive Release and Turnitin Dropboxes

Staff Guide – Adaptive Release for TLA Paper Management

Staff Guide – Set up of Turnitin Dropbox for TLA Submission

Guides for your students:
Student Guide – TLA submission via Blackboard Turnitin dropbox
Student Guide – Handwritten TLA paper submission option

Option 2 – Online Assessment using Blackboard Test Tool

Test Deployment – 24hr open-book, non-invigilated, online Time Limited Assessment

Staff Guide – Exam Pre-Test Mock Set-up

Guide for your students:
Student Guide – Preparing for online Time Limited Assessment

Video Assessment SubmissionPanopto

If you require students to submit video as part of their assessment, then we recommend the use of one of Panopto’s options for Assignment submission.

This guide explains the two methods for setting up Panopto Student Video Assignments.
Video guidance here: Blackboard – Communications and Assessment

Guidance for your students:
Panopto – Submitting Video Assignments