Panopto is the video recording system which allows live or pre-recorded audio and video content to be securely accessed by students in Blackboard.

Panopto is the preferred tool for recording lecture content unless there is a need for the features that Collaborate offers.  

Key Links

Panopto Lecture Capture – Quick Start

Additional Panopto Support Materials (requires login)

How to Add / Edit slides in Panopto

Look here for Using Panopto for Student Submissions

Instant Provision your Blackboard Course with Panopto

Most people will be using Panopto in a Blackboard module area. The Blackboard module template has a link to Panopto included, called ‘Recorded Content’.

If you select this link and see a page which includes the message “This course is not provisioned with Panopto”, then you will need to click on the ‘Configure’ button to begin the provisioning.

Click ‘Add course to Panopto’ and then ‘Return to Course’

See Provisioning Panopto in a Blackboard Course for more detail in relation to Panopto within Blackboard.

How to make a link to a Panopto Recording

Once you have recorded a video in a Panopto course you can use the link address to add it to a folder elsewhere in the course:
Recorded Content (i.e. Panopto) > hover over the video > Share > copy the URL link
Paste this link anywhere within your Blackboard/Learning Edge area for example, within a folder as a weblink, within content or via an announcement.