• Defeating ‘The Beast from the East’: How Collaborate was used to run a ‘blended’ conference

    Blackboard Collaborate is an online classroom tool. It is designed to allow presentations and tutorials to be given to students while they are off-campus. In this blog post we look at an unusual use of Collaborate, as it was used to run a ‘blended’ conference. Meg Juss: Could you set the scene for us? Peter […]

  • Come and join us for a Nepal Earthquake Mapathon!

    Thursday 14th May 12-2 pm E10 Monday 18th May 12-2 pm E4 Saddend by the suffering in Nepal, and inspired by stories of ‘crisis mapping’ – where volunteers all over the world are helping to digitise satellite imagery to provide maps and data that can be used by rescuers and aid groups on the ground, […]

  • Learning Edge Upgrade Success!

    The scheduled summer upgrade has been completed successfully and you can now login to Learning Edge as normal. The upgrade introduces a number of improvements – most significantly a new true student preview and anonymous & delegated grading options. Where can you learn more? As mentioned in a previous blog post, the LTD team will be hosting […]

  • Expired Passwords Need Your Attention

    We’ve established an excellent record of Learning Edge Blackboard 9.1 availability (achieving 99.95% uptime last year) and we take your need to access the system very seriously. So, on Monday, having noted a higher volume of calls to the helpdesk and tweets from some of you saying that you’d been having trouble accessing Blackboard we […]

  • Facts and Figures about Mobile Technology

    Over the last 40 years, mobile technology developments have changed the way we engage with content, communicate, collaborate and learn. Device ownership has reached a critical mass globally, with CISCO (2013) reporting that by the end of this year there will be more mobile-connected devices than there are people on earth! In the UK, 61% […]

  • Learning Edge Gets Community Engagement

    Following the recent acquisition (Oct 2013) of Blackboard Community Engagement, an add on to our current Blackboard Learn 9.1 platform, Learning Services will be working with staff across the university to improve the design and functionality of Learning Edge. This screencast showcases how the new features, which include personalised Tabs, Panels and Organisations, could be […]

  • NEW! Blackboard Profile Cards

    Take control of your online academic identity with the new Cloud Profile Tools You probably noticed a nice big welcome if you recently logged into Learning Edge, as we’ve switched on a new tool called Cloud Profiles. The information screen you’ll see when you log in explains what’s new and how to set up your […]

  • An app update you don’t want to miss! Blackboard Mobile Learn 4.0

    Do you update your apps? With obvious alerts to let you know when an app update is available, this might seem like a strange question, but not everybody updates. I, for example, have an embarrasing nummber of app updates waiting for my attention, because I, “just haven’t got around to it yet”. I know I […]

  • Turnitin for iPad has arrived!

    What do a sofa and a bus have in common? They are both places you can use the new Turnitin for iPad app to give your students really good feedback!  OK, so maybe you don’t imagine yourself on a bus… but a lot of you have been asking for an app to help you mark […]

  • Learning Edge Upgrade: Now Completed

    Upgrade Sucess The scheduled Leaning Edge Blackboard 9.1 upgrade has been completed successfully and you can now login as normal. As well as ensuring the highest level of performance and stability this upgrade will ensure Edge Hill staff and students have access to a modern feature rich system. We hope you like it! As with any upgrade, you […]