Document pages are a great new feature of Blackboard Ultra that act like web pages within your course content.  You can add a range of elements to your page such as text, images, videos from the web, hyperlinks and attach files. We have seen lots of good uses of Document pages with our early adopters of Ultra, for example:

  • A contents list as a module or course ‘map’
  • Module Contact Sheet.
  • Embed a Padlet or Wakelet.
  • Organise files onto a page instead of having lots of individual uploads in your content area.
  • Embed Panopto recordings with text before and after to add context.

Another benefit is that you can use the Student Progress tab within the Document Page to view who has interacted with the page.

By clicking on Student Progress within your Document page you can see who has interacted with it.

Making your Document Page more Appealing.

One way to make a document page look more appealing is to insert a banner.   We have created a simple template which you can use to create your own in PowerPoint. You can be as creative as you want with this and have some fun with your designs. You can add the banner to the top of your page by clicking Add Content and then using the paperclip icon to add as an attachment. You can also use banners further down the page as a way of separating/organising your content.

You may also want to use banners in a similar way with Journals and Discussion Boards to enhance the overall appearance.

Add Banners to your Document page by clicking on the paperclip to attach an image
Add Banners to your Document page by attaching an image

Consider how you can break up text with careful and thoughtful use of graphics, imagery or videos that complement what is being discussed or presented.

Keep your style consistent across Document pages so that the format becomes familiar to your students and will ultimately help them to navigate the content.

Have a look at our Ultra Document Page Padlet Wall for some examples, feel free to add your own ideas!

Access the Padlet page for examples of how we have used Ultra Document Pages

Benefits for Students

Document pages are mobile responsive for optimal display to be easily viewed on all devices and work well with assistive technologies such as screen readers.  Document pages are perfect for converting into PDF or MP3 files by Blackboard Ally so you don’t have to worry about creating multiple formats. Documents also don’t need to be downloaded to be viewed.

Find Out More

Have a look at this 2 minute video to learn how to create your document pages in Ultra. You can have a go in your Ultra Sandbox area and easily copy over anything you create to your 2023 modules which will soon be ready.

Leah Wilson – Learning Technologist