To view the full staff development programme for October 2022 please click the image below.

Library and Learning Services offer staff development training sessions for all staff at Edge Hill University. We offer a range of services and cover a wide variety of topics to help enhance and improve your skills.

You can attend sessions that help improve your academic skills or your digital skills, some sessions this month include excel training, accessibility and reading lists.

Below you can view some of the sessions we have planned for October. For more sessions please visit the staff development page on the wiki.

Blackboard Ultra Drop In Support
Wednesday 19th October 2-4pm
Oak Room, Third Floor Catalyst

The LTD Team will be available to support you with any Blackboard Ultra queries you may have to transition from Original.

Please note that drop in sessions are not suitable if you aren’t aware of Ultra an haven’t started creating your Ultra course areas. We recommend booking onto scheduled sessions first.

Blackboard Essentials: Assessment Methods in Ultra
Wednesday 26th October 12-1pm

Session Aims:

  • Demonstrate using assessment methods: including Turnitin, BB Assignment, Panopto and Tests
  • Demonstrate how to access submissions and manage the Gradebook

Blackboard Essentials: Communication Methods in Ultra
Thursday 27th October 12-1pm

Session Aims:

  • Demonstrate the different communication tools within the Ultra course view
  • Identify third party methods of communication and engagement: Panopto/Vevox/Padlet

Organising your work digitally
Tuesday 18th October 10-11am
Oak Room, Third Floor Catalyst

Session Aims:

  • Discuss the benefits of making your task lists digital
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use Microsoft To Do, Planner and Viva Insight
  • Identify ways in which Power Automate could assist your workload
  • Apply the advice to your own work

Presenting With Impact
Friday 14th October 1-2pm

  • Identify effective ways to present with impact
  • Discover a variety of tools to help create a presentation including, Canva, Powerpoint and Genially
  • Discuss and carry out new ideas

Introduction to Interactive Technology to use with Students
Tuesday 25th October 1-2pm

Session aims:

  • Introduce different tools available to engage students: Padlet, Flip, Edpuzzle and Genially
  • Discuss ideas on how they can be used
  • Practise using the tools available

Making Documents Accessible
Monday 24th October 10-11am
Oak Room, Third Floor Catalyst

Session Aims:

  • Recognise accessible rules
  • Demonstrate how to make a Word document accessible
  • Demonstrate how to make a PDF accessible
  • Apply the advice to example documents 

In the meantime, you can also visit our dedicated Accessibility wiki pages, which contains a link to our Accessibility Toolkit.

Reading Lists Online
Thursday 21st October 12-1pm

Session Aims

  • Claim, add and edit rescources lists for your modules
  • Learn how to structure your list and annotate items
  • Incorporate a range of media to support all learners

How do I register and attend?

For Academic Engagement sessions email [email protected]

For Learning Services sessions email [email protected]

Who can attend these workshops?

Sessions are aimed at all staff at Edge Hill.

Any questions?

Please email Charlotte Reynolds, Digital Training Manager