Microsoft Bookings

Do you need a way to manage Personal Tutor appointments with your students? Microsoft Bookings might be the solution for you!

Microsoft Bookings is a Microsoft 365 app that makes scheduling and managing appointments easy.  Microsoft Bookings can be accessed through your Microsoft 365 account. Launch the app chooser (top left-hand corner) and search for Bookings.

Open the app launcher.
Microsoft Booking Logo

Follow the prompts to set up your bookings calendar and it will sync with your Teams/Outlook calendar. 

Some of the great features include:

  • You can set up a shared calendar with colleagues.
  • You can add days/hours you want to allow your students to book.
  • You can tick a box to make it an online Teams meeting.
  • Students will only see the Bookings calendar that you publish online for the services, times and staff you choose.
Edit the service you are offering including service duration, days/times.

Once you have created the Calendar you will get a link that you can share with students. Once the appointment is booked it’s added to your Outlook calendar and the calendar of the student!

This is a relatively new app that we’ve not really used before so give it a try, we would love your feedback.  If it’s successful we can run a training session over the next couple of months.

Visit the Microsoft Bookings page for more info and step-by-step guides.

Leah Wilson – Learning Technologist

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