Following the 2019 upgrade to ‘Ultra Base Navigation’ within our Blackboard environment, the institution has decided to move forwards with the transition of courses to Blackboard Ultra Course View.  It has been decided that there will be a phased approach and a number of modules, that have been identified as ‘Early Adopters’, will move to Ultra ready for September 2022.   All remaining modules will move to Ultra in Sept 2023.  

To support staff with the transition to Blackboard Ultra Course View, we have developed a series of materials to help you get started.

  • Join our Community of Practice area on Microsoft Teams. Within this Team you will be able to engage with knowledge sharing with fellow colleagues, see the latest events/staff development sessions, ask LTD questions and more.
  • Information about all our Staff Development Sessions can be found on the Digital Skills pages. 
  • Our Wakelet Guides provide online support, videos, screenshots and step-by-step instructions.  
  • To provide staff with a realistic view for what an Ultra course could look like, have a look at our Ultra Exemplar Course.
  • Alongside having an exemplar course which you can explore and gain ideas for inspiration, we have also developed an Ultra Familiarisation Course. Through this course, you will find out more about how to add content and various tools to your areas. There are quizzes and activities to complete which will evidence your progress and discussion boards and Padlet spaces which you can use to converse with others on the course.

More information about Blackboard Ultra Course View, including videos, links to additional resources and guides can be found on our wiki page.

Blackboard Ultra Course View