• How can YOU use LinkedIn Learning?

    All staff and students at Edge Hill University have access to LinkedIn Learning. It is a library of training courses that you can use to help you develop business, technology, and creative skills. How can I get started? There is a LinkedIn Learning page on the Edge Hill University website containing videos that will show […]

  • Caption.Ed – What Students are Saying!

    Here at Edge Hill University, Learning Services offer students their own Caption.Ed account. Caption.Ed is a real-time and pre-recorded captioning tool that can be used to caption live taught sessions or recordings they produce and save to their computer. Automatic captions can offer students a means to engage with academic content, the resulting editable captions […]

  • Six Things You Can Do with Box of Broadcasts and TRILT

    Edge Hill University provides staff and students with access to the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) on demand TV and Radio broadcast service, and The Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT). Here are six things you can do with these services. One: Access Old Recordings from the BBC’s Digital Archive The BBC is […]