It’s just so easy isn’t it? You are completely aware that you have looming work deadlines, but you just cannot stop checking your phone, reorganising your desk – turning to anything but the task in hand.

According to a recent Forbes article, procrastination is an emotional response to a distressing issue, protecting you against fear of failure, judgment by others and self-condemnation. You’re doing something against your better judgment, but you do it anyway because of the relief it provides. 

So, to aid combating this I have compiled a series of tips to tackle procrastination whilst working from home (WFH):

Top tips to avoid work from home procrastination. 1. Establish boundaries. Work from the same designated place on a regular basis so your mind doesn't wander, and you can focus on your productivity. Establish psychological boundaries so you're not reminded of temptations around you or personal tasks. 2. Break the day up ... Taking small measurable steps that are easy and doable reduces procrastination and motivates you. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Taking the first step to a task, no matter how small, can be the hardest yet most rewarding.

By Lydia Woods (Student Intern)