Hi everyone, how are we in week 5 already? Time does go fast when you are happy, but I have found that time can go considerably slow when you are feeling demotivated. You might be asking how do I know this? Well, I’m going to take you on a very, very quick journey (approximately 200 words) to speak about how I went from being very underwhelmed in my life to becoming a better and happier person.

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So, I have done counselling, which didn’t work, so I thought if that couldn’t help me, what will? I then proceeded to find a new job in a company that made me feel very welcomed. However, my pessimistic thinking always conditioned me to believe that a positive impact would be followed by a negative one. I began to hate this job, and because I was working from home, I felt isolated and lonely. I have never met any of my team in person so I felt my connection with them was not as strong as it could be. I found it difficult to communicate with anyone about my struggles and to be honest, if I did express my concerns no one would listen. I then decided something had to change. One day in the middle of May, I received a notification for a Student Intern role at Edge Hill. This was perfect for me; I could leave my current job, and I finally might enjoy myself.

Right! I only have about 100 words left, but I might be a bit cheeky and go over.

So, this next paragraph is a text message I wrote to my friend after I had my interview with Laura and Alison, so I apologise for the unnecessary slang.

“Lad, that interview went really well, yenno. I do think I could get the job, but you never know. I genuinely just want to be happy, lol.”

So, when I found this text message, it made me laugh. A possible explanation for the positive experiences during this internship is that I have made some good friends with my fellow interns (shoutout to the FoE interns and my Vlog-Blog Squad team). In addition, every time I see Laura, Leah or Sarah, you are always smiling and making sure that we all feel comfortable in our role, so thank you!

I would love to do this job after the internship because it allows me to unleash this creative side I didn’t even know I had, so Laura and Leah, if there is a job available soon, you know where I am…

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This internship has allowed me to grow as an individual, improve my current skills, and develop new skills I never thought would be possible. One thing I can definitely take away from this is that I am more sociable than I thought.

Thanks everyone,

By Reece Thomas (Student Intern)

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