• A Week in the Life of a Student Intern

    Monday: Today was completely different to my usual Mondays as I was not working, instead I was GRADUATING! Honestly, I am still in disbelief at the whole day, I can’t believe that I have done it! The stress I felt the morning of was off the charts, even the slightest of traffic jams made me […]

  • Reflective Entry – Week 6

    Introduction I cannot believe that we are already halfway through this internship. Everyone has been so great and welcoming, in fact I felt settled within the first week. This job has been the ride of a lifetime and we’re not even over yet!  As well as focusing on accessibility this week I will also complete a mid-way evaluation report, which is where […]

  • The Perfect Work from Home Recipes: 15 Minute Breakfast Ideas to Help You Through the Day!

    Overnight Oats Overnight Oats are fabulous. They barely even fall into the category of 15 minute meals as you make them the night before AND that alone takes 5 minutes! This no-cook breakfast option leaves you with a healthy grab-and-go meal to enjoy throughout the week. Plus – it’s endlessly customisable! The beauty of them […]

  • To Everyone That Has Made Me Smile

    Hi, I’m Reece, and I am a student at Edge Hill University and a Student Intern within the Faculty of Education (FoE). How is there only five weeks left to the internship? I’m not sure how it has gone so fast, but I definitely don’t want it to end. This will be quite different from […]

  • Week in the life of a Student Intern – Milena Bittmar.

    Hi, my name is Milena, I am going into my third year studying English Literature and I am a Digital Student Intern at Edge Hill University. I am based in the Language Centre, which includes the Foreign Language side and also the English Language side. In this blog, I am going to show you what […]

  • Getting started with LinkedIn Learning

    What is LinkedIn Learning?   LinkedIn Learning is an online skills development website ran by LinkedIn.   All the courses are developed by experts.  It provides an extensive library of online training videos and exercise files for users to be able to develop their skills further.   LinkedIn Learning is a free service for any student with a @edgehill.ac.uk […]

  • To be, or not to be… Vegan?

    Living a meat-less, animal product free life certainly is not something which appeals to everyone, but it is a choice I made just over a year ago and have committed to ever since. My name is Eleanor, I am a student at Edge Hill University, and I am vegan! My experience has been an adventure […]

  • Week 5 – A Week in the Life of a Student Intern

    Week five had come faster than I originally anticipated it would. It was bittersweet – I was happy because I’ve been working in a job I adore for the last five weeks but then again it would end in seven weeks. This week, my focus was on one my many tasks from a key contact […]

  • A Week in the Life of a Student Intern …

    Monday: Here we go! Another week as a full-time worker. I am absolutely loving my experience so far and I feel SO fancy when people ask me what I do for work and I reply, “I am a Digital Student Intern at Edge Hill University”. I started off the week in a meeting with my […]

  • Emotional Processing: Tips on how we can learn to accept our emotions

    I think we’ve all at some point been bombarded with the multitude of self-care tips that have gone viral on social media. Especially on spaces like Instagram, Pinterest etc. we see self-care and self-love has become a big topic in online communities and sharing our tips and tricks with one another. Yet on some levels, […]